Whitening powder makeup value instantly effective

Everyone wants to have a bright and white skin, but it is very troublesome to insist on whitening every day. Then use the whitening makeup that works when you use it! We will respond to the whitening needs of different skin types, allowing you to quickly realize the whitening powder makeup value- adding plan !

Whitening powder value-added

Rapid realization of whitening powder makeup value-added plan

Primary value added

Applicator: skin texture is better, no obvious flaws

Expectations: brighten skin tone, delicate pores, upgrade texture

Investment: lightweight foundation, loose powder or pressed powder

Key point: Apply thin foundation and cover the right amount of powder

Appreciation space: ★★★

Investment consultant analysis: natural skin white, the day after tomorrow is well-maintained, it is close to the peak of whitening skin, transparency and exquisite is the value-added, whitening powder icing on the cake will let you reach the best realm of whitening.

Three Steps of Adding Value - Adjusting Skin Type

Texture is the basic element that all luxury goods must have, and perfect skin is no exception. Choose a good base lotion that not only fills in the texture and pores of the skin, but also enhances the skin's gloss and makes the makeup look fresher and more natural. Although it does not have the effect of whitening the skin in time, it can make the next whitening process to the extreme. Therefore, it is definitely a single item that must be equipped in any segment of the whitening plan.

Value-added three-step music - whitewashed skin

When you apply a liquid foundation evenly to your skin, you will notice that the overall skin tone becomes even and the pores become fine. This is because the color-harmonic particles and optical scattering particles in the liquid foundation visually change the state of the skin. The liquid foundation is indeed the most powerful magic weapon to make the skin look white and smooth.

However, if you want to make the weapon in one fell swoop, you must first refer to the skin color of your neck, and avoid being too whiter than your own skin color. Secondly, the texture should be lighter and thinner, but the ductility should be good. Wisdom factor For most people, the technique of applying foundation is limited to a uniform word, a few foundations, or a subdivision is difficult to control. Therefore, you must choose a super-powerful foundation with a smart factor, so that it will automatically adjust the skin color at the moment of application, so that you can get twice the result with half the effort.

Three Steps of Value-added

After the liquid foundation, evenly sweeping the right amount of powder can make the skin look whiter and make the makeup longer. When buying, you must pay special attention to the fineness of the powder. The coarser powder will make the powder The makeup is not docile and refined. Since the coloring effect of the powder is not obvious, it is also possible to use a loose powder which is slightly lighter than the skin color.

Value-added floating stock

If you want to make your own powder makeup have a stronger whitening effect, you can use a liquid foundation with whitening function, which can not only use the principle of light scattering, but also make the skin look more white and moving, and can continue to block melanin during the makeup process. The generation of whitening plans to achieve sustained appreciation in the short and long term. When you need to make the whitening effect stand out, you might want to make a snack machine. When using the loose powder to fix the makeup in the second pass, add some high-gloss powder to the T-zone that needs to be brightened, which can make the contour more stereoscopic and brighter in color. While reconciling a small amount of rouge, you can also accidentally harvest the pink and white. color.

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