Watery Polyurethane Printing Ink Resin

  • Type: Water Based Ink
  • Ink Drying: Penetration Drying
  • Printing Type: Screen Printing
  • Origin: China
Water based ink for printer slotter machine , wholesale price
Product description
category water based ink 
Feature Low viscosity, high color, full color
Main ingredient acrylics resin ,acrylics emulsion ,high grade pigment ,water and additives
PH value 8.5-10
Viscosity  15-30s/coating-4# zahn cups, 25degree
Fineness  ≤ 12μm
Shelf life 12month
Printing type Flexo printing 
Operating instruction
Before using, fully mix, to keep product ingredients evenly, after unsealing, the remaining ink should be sealed with lid to prevent falling dust or dry solid crust, avoiding the high temperature, the general reservation period is one year. The company related materials can be sued to adjust water. 
Our Services

1. High quality, environment protection.
2. Excellent QC team, test each batch strictly before shipping.
3. Best price for both product and the freight charge.
4. Sealed Packed strictly, ensure the safety in transporting.
5. Excellent after-sale service, 1 year warranty.

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Soft coating ink
Four-color water based ink
woven-bag printing ink
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Paper towel ink
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Narrow range water based flexographic ink

flexo printing water base ink for corrugated box 
1.wear resistance water 
2. good water proof 
3.High color strength 

flexo printing water base ink for corrugated box  :
flexo printing water base ink for corrugated box   'color  is  rich , species is various. Classified high-grade ,middle-grade and common-grade. It is respectively suitable for different models and demand equipment. Widely used in corrugated carton of electronics product, food , drinks,costume, tobacco etc..
Product feature:
1.Product have passed SGS test, which comply with ROHS related requirements.
2.Wear resistance is excellent.
3.Water proof is good 
4.Color strength is high
5.Suitable for different print speed equipment demand.
In addition, offering four color outlet over printing ink, special printing ink for coating cardboard, special sun proof printing ink. And four color outlet over print ink have high transparency and high gloss, layer is clear, and color and lustre is pure

the products are made from watery resin developed by our tech dept, imported emulsion, pigments and some auxiliaries, with following features:

1) Strong combination;
2) Quick drying, strong adhesiveness;
3) The ink colour would not remove;
4) Light smell
5) Attractive coulors, good glossiness
6) Fast adhesiveness, good third dimension feeling
7) Good feautres in anti-light and anti-heat

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Oil based plastisol ink

Packing: 25kgs/drum for white color, 20kgs/drum for other colors. 

Color: white, clear, color

PLASTISOL, also known as Plastisol ink, oily ink. Non solvent ink

Appearance: Creamy

Components: resins, (non-solvent, water), pigments and other additives. 100% solid content.

ECO 100%, LEAD, phthalate and heavy metal free

1. Suitable for automatic, manual printing, can create 3D sharp up and round up effects etc.
2. The solidifying processing depends on the temperature and time. Higher temperature with shorter time, lower temperature with longer time. 160~180ºC is suggested to improve product efficiency.
3. How can we know if it's solidified ?The plastisol ink is elastic and there's no flour when scrape it, otherwise it'll not solidified.
4. Suitable for cotton, blending, Dacron, jean and all other fabrics which is porous and can resistant in 150~180ºC high temperature.

Chinese Economic Web Offset Printing Ink
This product is Heat-set web offset ink that need be dried under heating condition.
It us good for high speed heat set offset rotary machine or four-color offset printing machine with dry system. 
The adapted printing speed is sheets/hour.
It is ideal ink for printing of such things as periodical, magazine, book and high-end pictorial.
Product Characteristic
This is low mould and low PAH. Comply with EU's RoHS environment protection standard and requirement.
It has extremely fast setting time suitable for high speed printing requirement(60000prints / hour)
With new raw material to avoid slurring to a great extent.
Brilliant color, high color density and sharp printing dots
Excellent adaptability and good transferability on press.
Application Method
It can be applied on press directly without the need of adding any auxiliary material.
It can be mixed together with other colors of its same kind to match diffenrent colors. But it must be mixed with ink of different kind to avoid the influence on its printability and drying property.
Characteristic Value
TV  3.9  4.0  4.1  3.9
DM  41  41  41  41
TV: Measured by Ink-O-Meter, 60sec/400rpm at 32°c
DM: Measured by Spreadmeter 60sec. at 25°c

Watery Polyurethane Printing Ink Resin

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