The role of penetrants in printing

The mercerizing process is to make the cotton fiber have the same durability luster as silk, improve the dimensional stability of the finished product, at the same time, it can also improve the ability to absorb the dye, and give the fabric a soft and full hand.

In the mercerizing process, the use of higher concentrations of caustic soda [18.7% to 23.5% (25-30?Be)], in the continuous mercerizing process, cotton fabrics in the lye after the time is generally only 30 to 50s Therefore, the permeability of the mercerized liquid is very important. In this concentration of lye, the penetrant cannot be used in general, and penetrants that are specially used in the mercerizing process must be used. Therefore, the mercerizing penetrant is often used as a special kind of particle. In the mercerizing process, the lye's permeability is poor due to the strong shrinkage of the cotton fibers. After the use of mercerizing penetrant, the mercerizing effect can be made rapid and uniform, and the process time can be shortened. Especially for mercerized mercerizing without scouring fabric, mercerizing penetrant is particularly important.

As mercerizing penetrant should meet the following requirements:

(1) It can be dissolved in the mercerized liquid (concentrated lye), and has excellent permeability and wettability, which can greatly shorten the wetting time.

(2) Strong alkali resistance, long-term stability in concentrated lye, and little change in potency.

(3) It does not cause coloration and odor of the mercerized liquid.

(4) Waste lye can be used for other purposes without producing tar and blistering.

(5) Make the mercerizing solution less foaming.

(6) Use no more than lO~30g/L.

The phenol-containing silk light penetrating agent has strong penetrability, is cheap, but has an odor, and causes the spent caustics to be colored or produces tar and is difficult to be recycled, does not meet the above requirements, and causes serious environmental pollution and has been eliminated. At present, phenol-free silk penetrating agents are mainly used.

The phenol-free silk penetrants are generally mixtures. Surfactants commonly used in the composition include alkyl alcohol sulfate sodium salt, alkyl sulfonate sodium salt, alcohol ether compound, phosphate ester compound, amino alcohol compound, amide Compounds, alcohol compounds, etc. The common feature is that the hydrophobic group is relatively small, and the general number of carbon atoms is about 8, and the branched alkyl group has better permeability than the linear alkyl group. Mercerized penetrating agents are auxiliaries that have an osmotic effect in concentrated alkalis. Permeability is not good in alkali liquors that are relatively low in concentration, so they cannot generally be used as a penetrant for concentrated alkali working fluids.

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