The poppies you know can also be found on the watch

Pop art style, everyone should first think of Andy Warhol, the United States, he was hailed as one of the 20th century art world's most famous person, is the pop art advocate and leader, most impressed Should be his "Marilyn Monroe." Pop art is short for popular art, also called neo-realism. Is an international art movement that has emerged under the influence of the modern civilization of the United States and reflects the social and cultural values ​​of the young generation that developed after the war. Pop design style of life can be seen everywhere, do not know if you have noticed the pop watch on the show. Below, million watch world Xiaobian will come up with several pop-style watch and enjoy it with everyone. Zenith to commemorate the launch in 1969 is also the world's only high frequency automatic winding chronograph movement EI Primero birth, has introduced a pop-style watch. However Xiaobian today's focus is on the four Big Bang pop art pop art watch. Time palette Tipping several different colors on the dial is a curious visual experience for everyone. Hublot four tables in the color processing more avant-garde, are used in large color, and the color is far different, the fashion industry should be considered "hit color" it! Rose pink, faint blue, Hyun purple, Apple green perfect blend in the four watches, charming. Classic design continuation Watch with two kinds of gold and steel material, the continuation of Big Bang iconic 41 mm diameter design, bezel set with 48 square stones, including the blue watch bezel set with blue topaz, Bezel set with amethyst, rose pink watch bezel set with pink sapphires, apple green watch bezel inlaid with Tsavori stone. Equipped with the HUB4300 self-winding mechanical chronograph movement, calendar pane at 4 o'clock to attract the attention of professional watch connoisseurs. More than 40 hours power reserve, water resistant to 100 meters. Colorful art on the dial In addition to Hublot, as a more popular brand of young people, Swatch's use of Pop Art is absolutely in place. In addition to the previous lollipop color watch, the recent new color is more rich. Dial and strap patterns closely linked, the transition is more natural, and even a small series to see there is also a kind of impulse to wear a street pull. Here also have to talk about Blancpain a diamond table, although it is not the same as the previous design of several watches as tidal, introverted implied that it is not another kind of beauty? Dial several different colors of diamond Radioactive lines lined up, showing a colorful sky romantic scene. As a young art form, Pop Style watches demonstrate its charm in simple, crisp, colorful colors. Strong contrast of color swept the past dignified and deep faction, as if we overnight return to childhood, licking a donut watching the clouds in the sky, the whole world is colored. (Text / million watch world Fuxue Ting)

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