The effectiveness of our military's modern military packaging (I)

Since the establishment of the Military Packaging Commission in 1984, military packaging has come a long way in more than two decades. In the past 20 years, under the joint efforts of the vast military packaging workers, military packaging has grown from scratch, has gradually grown and achieved tremendous achievements, and has made important contributions to the modernization of our military.

Organizations are increasingly perfected and rules and regulations are gradually improved

Military packaging is a cross-system, cross-industry, and cross-army service. According to the logistics support characteristics and the actual situation of military packaging under the new situation, after more than ten years of development, the management of military packaging has basically formed a combination of department management and industry management.

In 1984, the Military Packaging Commission was formally established. Afterwards, the General Logistics Department established seven packaging professional groups. Under the management and coordination of the Military Packaging Committee, it is responsible for organizing the development of the professional packaging work, and an initial organization of military packaging organizations. In order to rationalize the working relationship, improve the organizational structure, and adapt to the needs of the military packaging work under the new situation, the Military Packaging Commission has been adjusted several times during the development process. At present, the entire military has established 16 packaging chapters to carry out packaging work under the organization of the Military Packaging Committee.

Various regulations on military packaging are the product of the development of military equipment, equipment and materials management requirements. At the same time, it is also used in the management process of military packaging to better serve the management of equipment, equipment, and materials, and to become a system for adjusting various levels of the military system. The basic criteria and basis for the relationship between various departments on packaging management behavior. Over the years, the Military Packaging Commission has attached great importance to improving the rules and regulations, and has organized and revised the "Commission Regulation Committee" and other supporting regulations.

Actively carry out packaging research, packaging and scientific research has achieved remarkable results Continuous improvement in the level of scientific research in packaging, is an important technical guarantee and the inevitable way to promote the improvement of the overall level of military packaging. Over the years, various packaging management departments have invested a large amount of funds and manpower, actively carried out packaging scientific research, the majority of scientific research workers cling to the troops, in accordance with the military strategy requirements of the new period, closely tracking international advanced packaging technology, carried out a series of packaging research, some scientific research The results have been applied by troops and have achieved significant military and economic benefits.

l. Pay attention to basic research and continuously improve the theoretical level

Packaging theory is the basis of the entire military packaging. The improvement of the basic theoretical level of packaging plays an important role in ensuring the technological content and advanced level of packaging scientific research and improving the level of military packaging. Over the years, the packaging scientific research and management personnel in the military have paid more and more attention to the research on basic theories of military packaging and have achieved certain results. For example, the “Strategic Research on the Development Objectives of Military Packaging”, based on an in-depth analysis of the requirements of modern warfare guarantees and packaging packaging and the status quo of military packaging, fully utilizes the status quo and development trend of foreign military packaging, and combines domestic military conditions with military packaging. Based on the basic research of the theory, a more complete definition of military packaging was proposed. A comprehensive and systematic analysis was made of the characteristics and functions of military packaging and differences from civilian packaging. The policy, regulations, organization management, quality assurance and foundation of military packaging were proposed. Technological system development and construction theory.

2, pay attention to the application of results, packaging and scientific research close to the actual

The packaging research project has fully considered the actual packaging of military products from the point of view of presentation, argumentation, and research. It closely combines the packaging characteristics and circulation environmental conditions of military products, and emphasizes the unity of protection, economy, and applicability to solve transportation, storage, and management issues. The packaging problem in use has achieved very significant results. For example, the results of field storage technology research have been applied to field long-term storage of relevant equipment, and have achieved significant military significance and significant economic benefits.

3, keep up with the development of science and technology, application of information technology

The new military technology revolution centered on information technology is profoundly affecting the changes in the form of war. Science and technology and knowledge have become the key factors in determining the outcome of modern local wars. Our armed forces gave full play to the role of science and technology and knowledge economy in the military packaging work, closely followed the trend of world science and technology development, seized the opportunity brought by information technology, and conducted a series of explorations on the application of information technology on military packaging. And research. Using the self-developed micro bar code computer and supporting bar code management information system, the warehouse can extract the dynamic quantity information of the entire library, whole batch, whole box, whole layer and single box equipment through bar code identification, and realize bar code identification and information management. The use of Ic card storage, laser bar code technology to develop an improved portable information management system, to achieve rapid identification and positioning of equipment under field conditions, greatly improving the efficiency of equipment support. Combining the advantages and advancedness of information technology with the actual packaging of military products, it has improved the efficiency of military packaging management, accelerated the pace of packaging informationization, and initially achieved military packaging informationization.

(to be continued)

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