The 7-step principle to improve the PS printing durability

7 steps to improve the PS printing durability, in no particular order:

Step 1. When the number of prints is large, bake the plates appropriately. When baking a plate, the temperature is generally at 270 ° C. If the number of printed products is relatively small, the baking time is generally controlled at 70 seconds. When the number of printed products is large, the baking time should be controlled at 150 seconds.

Step 2. Under the premise of ensuring quality, the pressure between the printing plate and the blanket, water roller, and ink roller should be adjusted to avoid the mutual force and the abrasion of the plate.

The third step, the pressure of the water and ink roller hit the printing plate, the width of the ink bar is generally controlled at about 5mm.

Step 4. When printing, the printing plate must be tightened to prevent the water from dissolving the paper and adversely affecting the printing plate.

Step 5. Under the principle that the printing plate is not dirty, use the minimum amount of water.

The sixth step is to correctly grasp the PH value of the water bucket solution. Generally, it should be kept in the range of 5-6, which is acidic.

Step 7. If you want to suspend the machine during the printing process, you should wipe the printing plate according to the length of the downtime to prevent the oxidation of the plate surface.

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