Special paper reasonable design printing layout

According to the characteristics of gold and silver cardboard, laser paper (including laminating paper, transfer paper) reasonable design printing layout

Gold and silver cardboard and laser paper have high brightness and reflectivity. Therefore, according to the characteristics of the material, when designing the layout, attention should be paid to the prominent gold and silver cardboard that can not be displayed in the spectral colors, and the unique metal of laser paper. Shiny, properly revealing the metallic hue of the surface to express the artistic beauty of the package.

When designing gold, silver, cardboard, and laser paper packages that combine field, lines, text, and images, avoid using too small black letters and small lines to prevent easy stencils and affect the quality of the product. In the gold and silver cardboard, laser printed on the surface of the lines, text or transparent, bright color layout, poor contrast, color saturation, should try to avoid such a design. Text, lines, borders, and logos should preferably be overprinted on the background and designed in dark colors to give it a noticeable effect.

Since the brightness of the gold and silver cardboard and laser paper surface is high, traces of overprinting are not easily noticeable to the naked eye. Therefore, multi-color layouts should be avoided as much as possible. For layouts with precision overlays on the layout, consideration should be given to expanding the edge of the light-colored overlays by about 0.2 mm to avoid apparent over-whitening due to overlay errors.

In addition, embossed gold and silver cardboard, laser paper should try to avoid the printing of small outlets, so as not to affect the subtle level of faithful in the current and easy to appear paste phenomenon.

Using "deep ink thin or secondary printing" printing process

Gold and silver cardboard, laser paper surface is non-absorbent, ink printed on as long as the drying by oxidation polymerization. In this type of dry ink, once the ink layer is printed thick, it is not easy to achieve complete drying inside and outside the ink layer. This will not only affect the normal overprint, but also cause the problem of sticky quality problems. In order to avoid this problem, when printing spot color inks, the hue of the ink should be appropriately deepened to make the printing ink layer thinner so that it can not only meet the requirements of the hue of the original printing, but also facilitate the rapid completion of overprinting. , And better prevent prints appear dirty phenomenon.

For printing on-site full-size gold and silver cardboard, laser paper, you can also use the "secondary printing" method, first thinly print the ink, and then overprint once, this is conducive to the rapid drying of the ink layer, and better To prevent the printed product from appearing dirty.

Anti-sticking process control of printed products

After gold and silver cardboard and laser paper are printed, the ink layer is suspended on the surface of the surface film and will not dry quickly. If the process is not well controlled, it is prone to stickiness and affect the print quality of the product.

Important printing anti-adhesion control: the use of fine and uniform high-quality particle spray, semi-finished printing powder anti-adhesion; avoid the use of high-speed printing, printing gold and silver cardboard, laser paper packaging machine speed, should be controlled in 3000 In the range of 5000-hour/hour, the semi-finished products printed on-line by the printer should be stacked and separated by shelves. The semi-finished products stacked on each shelf should not exceed 5 cm; the ink layer of printed products can be printed on half-dry The paper stack is loosely turned to allow the oxygen to enter the printing paper stack to promote the oxidation and drying of the ink layer of the printing product; the balance of the ink and the fountain solution should be maintained with as little amount of fountain solution as possible during the printing process. Through the technical control of these processes, the stickiness of printed products can be better prevented.

The correct choice of ink species

Gold and silver cardboard and laser paper are non-absorbent substrates. The type of printing ink used should also be matched with its characteristics in order to achieve normal printing and printing quality. Due to the differences in the color, fineness, content, dispersity and linking materials used in various oxidized conjunctiva-drying inks, the hue, concentration, viscosity, vividness, adhesion, and drying of the ink are varied. Also different, so, printing gold and silver cardboard, laser paper packaging according to the characteristics of the product, printer characteristics, printing environment and other factors to consider, select the right type of ink for printing, in order to ensure the stability of product printing quality. Therefore, the purchase of gold and silver cardboard, laser printing ink printing, should choose a manufacturer with a certain production scale, its quality is relatively stable and reliable, it is best to confirm the use of a manufacturer's ink. The special laser ink specially developed by the company based on the characteristics of gold and silver cardboard and laser paper has a good printability. With fast drying, bright color, good printability and other characteristics.

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