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Shenzhen Lange power 〓 Ruiweisi watch authorized repair 〓 repair line 400-880-7473 〓 authorized the country, Omega repair leading brands, but also the major watches ( Patek Philippe , Vacheron Constantin , Audemars Piguet , Breguet , nations , Earl , Cartier , Jaeger-LeCoultre , Rolex , Girard-Perregaux, Blancpain , Chopard , Omega and other major brands table) special service point of maintenance. "Shenzhen Glashütte Moeller maintenance cheaper," this issue Ruiwo Si Watch Service Center, said people who love sweating love sports, outdoor workers, long-term exposure to chemical substances people should wear acid-base stainless steel shell the table . Mercury-containing chemicals (reagents) can cause great discoloration of gold and gold. Copper plated crown, case and bracelet inside is easy to be sweat corrosion, so that the coating is not selected. Adhering to the Swiss watchmaking technology, the world leader in the maintenance of brand name watches, service areas: Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Shenzhen, Shenyang, Nanjing, Taiyuan, Chengdu, Tianjin, Nanchang, Wuhan, Xiamen, Fuzhou and so on. All of our repair shops are equipped with the world's advanced watch repair equipment, tools and instrumentation. Our watchmakers either directly in Switzerland for training, or in the country after the Swiss standard training, assessment and certification, superb skills. Our technical service system and team continue to receive product information updates, quality assurance evaluations and repair process updates from all brands at our Swiss headquarters to consistently guarantee quality of service in line with the Swiss standards. However, its advantages are also the root of the disadvantage. The dealer repair service is mainly aimed at the goods sold by the dealer, and some distributors are authorized as an authorized repair center for a certain brand. Often, it is difficult for consumers to clearly distinguish between them, which is easy to distrust the dealers, especially the products purchased at the dealers. In addition, although the dealer can save some costs for consumers, but follow-up to the basic risk consumers themselves. In the maintenance of the extended warranty time, often not as brand-name stores that are confident, there will be a more substantial reduction. Rolex watch is one of the world's watches, and its maintenance is the need for professional staff to complete. Shenzhen Ruiweisi watch service center specializing in the maintenance of a variety of high-level watches, your love table here will have a comprehensive maintenance. Professional repair technicians pointed out that the maintenance of Rolex watches is very important, which is the life of the watch has a crucial role. Here we are for the maintenance of the watch Rolex , Shenzhen Ruiweisi watch service center professional service technicians to do a detailed introduction for everyone Haojue watch waterproof mainly rely on the table mirror, back cover, crown and other waterproof apron, and the use of spiral crown, so as to achieve the appropriate waterproof standards. Although some Haojue watch can be waterproof, but not in the hot water bath, sauna or dramatic changes in temperature difference between the environment, because the waterproof rubber ring will be affected by the temperature expansion and contraction of the gap, and accelerated aging affect the waterproof Features. Haojue watch crown to maintain the normal position, the screw crown should be tightened, can not be adjusted in the water crown. Watch waterproof ring and crown must be regularly replaced according to usage. The Hermes brand new model 867 continues to have its own combination of Arabic and Roman numerals on the dial. The watch will be available in three sizes, 21.5 mm, 27.5 mm and 32 mm in diameter. The 27.5mm and 32mm men's version comes with an additional flat-panel, mechanical, artificial, sport-powered windscreen fitted in 18k white gold or 18k white gold case by Ralph Lauren of the RL430, Piaget. It will not be shown, however: Surprisingly, the 867 is equipped with a solid bottom cover. Watch lever is very easy to rust the watch, long-term use of the watch, the head of the waterproof rubber ring will be aging, resulting in poor sealing, watch influx of gas bear the brunt of the position is the crown. Rusted tables in the bar will become fine roots, strength decline; then there is the kind of "pretty picture" of the crown (in Rome and Mido common wrist watch). The so-called "sub-mother Ting" is very pretty for the molecules and the mother of the two section of the crown bar, between them is a flexible match, the corrosion of the crown will be flexible rod down, so easily pulled out (experiment or test, On such a watch is to exert 3KG force to pull, do not fall that is qualified). Reese watch authorized repair Maintenance line 400 ^ 880 ^ 7473 Address: Shennan Road, Luohu District, Shennan Road 5002 to the 22nd floor of King Building (can be repaired by mail).

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