Secretly buy the true face of cosmetics

In just two years, group buying has become the most popular new consumption method among netizens. "Have you been a group today?" has become a buzzword for many young people. Although the cosmetics group purchase on the Internet has been blown up, it is also accompanied by doubts about whether the group purchase website is "cheap and profitable". sound. Now let's uncover the true face of buying cosmetics.
The price of group-purchased cosmetics is 1-7 percent of the counter price. You can buy hundreds of dollars for Lancome for 20 or 30 yuan. The low price on the group buying website is a bit surprising. So low, where does the source come from? How do they achieve profitability?
1. Samples of cosmetics dealers A salesperson of a popular group buying website told reporters that their products are all from purchasing and dealers, and most of the products are samples, and there are almost no people who get the goods directly from the manufacturers. Mr. Xiang, who once worked as a cosmetics purchaser, said that the purchase channel of the purchase is a distributor of foreign manufacturers in China, and the price of the goods is as low as 50% or even lower than the price of the counter. As for why it is so cheap, website sales people emphasize that they are selling more cosmetic samples, that is, gifts or trials, so the cost is very low. For this question, the customer service staff of another group buying website also said that most of the websites sold by them are cosmetic samples, which are obtained by dealers through certain channels.
2, the counter salesperson private sales sample to Mr. also said that some counter sales staff have their own direct channels to the group purchase website, and some are to the cattle, the cattle received and then sent online. Many salespersons were fired because they were found to be selling private samples.
"Special counters often have to do activities, the most is to send a number of packages (samples)." Mr. Xiang said that some of these activities are done in counters, some are in the mall, but no matter who they do, the amount must be thousands, usually The group purchase network will directly find the person who is doing the activity to buy a sample at a low price.
In addition, the shopping guides will also provide samples to the group purchase network. The Lancome counters in a large shopping mall, Ms. Yan told reporters that their staff will usually send a lot of Lancome products, which they can't use. Some people will recycle these products to them at a low price, and the recycling price may be as low as 2-5 fold.
3, buy a large number of genuine tying sample Because the sale of gifts in the mall is risky, not everyone can buy a sample directly. Some purchasing companies will pay tens of thousands to ten thousand yuan to the counter at one time, and buy large products at a regular price. However, if you negotiate with the counter, you must give how many sets of samples and samples. This practice is very popular at the counter, because the performance of the entire team immediately rushed. If there are one or two such purchasers coming this month, then the small and medium samples that can be controlled by the entire counter should be left to him. After the purchaser will sell the genuine at a price of about 30%, and then sell the free samples for tens of dollars. Mr. Xiang said that he had helped the purchaser to cross the line. The man didn’t have much money at the time, only 20,000, and contacted Guerlain’s counter. Then he allocated the sample with 20,000 quotas and sold more than 3,000 yuan.

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