Sarcar New Emerald Clover Jewelry Watch

The extraordinary creativity of sarcar beyond mediocrity is based on the precise understanding of rare gemstones. The skillful craftsmanship inherited from generation to generation is the unsurpassed brand spirit of Sarcar. In 2013, the wealthy family presents a new jewelry watch glory, green "rotation" again through the designers into the beautiful art of the wrist, interpretation of the wealthy family superb aesthetics attainments. Among Western culture, Clover is a happy flower language. Each leaf has a different meaning, symbolizing the four things life dreams of: health, love, wealth, and fame. Today, under the guidance of the top watchmakers, this symbolizes the happy green elf into a wrist angel - a unique landmark rotation is flexibly applied to the wealthy family of emerald clover wristwatch dial design , Move into energy, graceful life cycle beats. The wealthy family emerald clover wristwatch, the interpretation of time art, the essence of elegance to create inspiration, bright diamond white diamonds and emerald lingering quiet, the natural vitality of the colors and symbols of the highlight. 18K white gold case, lugs, crown inlaid with stars such as diamonds, showing a bright and dazzling luxury; dial center made of 57 emerald stones embellished ring, surrounded by white diamonds surrounded by clusters of Under the eye-catching; about 574 diamonds weighing 4.86 carats inlaid in white gold dial and bezel, 4 emerald green emerald clusters surrounded by inlaid into a delicate Clover, just as the light of Jing Yi dancer, light in the wrist The United States step, shining elegant wave of graceful light. Sarcar's designers, with their passion for dreams, will magnify their creativity and combine them with the perfect diamonds. The artistic inspiration transcends imagination and realism to create a new chapter in the art of time. This emerald clover wristwatch dial, time-phantom for the rotating florid, together with the good wishes of happiness, in the wrist bright spins, graceful achievements gorgeous beautiful future ...... Xiaobian recommended Breitling Bentley Platinum Diamond B Flying B watch Longines heart diamond series diamond watch ultimate elegance Wrist cubs world of animals Diamond watches Boulevard Top Diamonds Automatic Chronograph Diamond Watch Girard-Perregaux Cat's Eye Tourbillon diamond watch Piaget 18K White Gold Diamond Fly Back Chronograph Far Muntham special "bird Uncle" riding dance special section 2013 Boluo Hua Qiu Diamond Series October global listing

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