Print 05 Postpress Processing Equipment

Baum presents large format folding machine

Baum will be exhibiting its latest large-format folding machine at this exhibition. It will have not only six fences but also a fixed folding unit. The six fence units can also be assembled with pre-cut attachments. In addition to being able to boot, its automatic setup tool also has a guide interface through which the operator can store and record jobs for maintenance and production.

The safety features of the Baumcut 31.5 Programmable Paper Cutter are comparatively high. It has infrared security rays, two-hand synchronized cutting device and a closed backstage. It is hydraulically driven and can store up to 99 procedures with nearly 6,500 cutting steps. In terms of desk operations, the new B12 AutoBaum folder has been pre-configured with six popular folding programs, as well as additional storage space for nine customer jobs. The range of paper it can cut is 31⁄2 x 5" to 121⁄4 x 17". The folding machine also has a retractable stacker that can hold up to 500 folded pages.

Duplo Showcases Combined Digital Print Finishing Solution

Duplo will present its latest combined digital printing finishing solution, which mainly includes the DSF-2000/SCC brochure production system. The system's paper feeder has an optional reader. Its cutter/cutter/rolling mill is designed specifically for the post-printing of digital color prints.

MBO Introduces Its Perfection Folding Machine

The MBO will introduce several new features of its Perfection folder. The Fly of the folder, the register, the folding cylinder, the blanker, and the side unit of the follow-up unit all have automated Rapidset settings. The pneumatic stop gauges on this register and follow-up unit avoid the use of mechanical stop gauges. The new MBO Combi Folding Machine K 800.2 has the same features as the 30-S Perfection Folding Machine, but it offers a linearized high-speed folding system, which is said to provide 30,000 strokes per hour, ensuring paper and folding. Continuous contact of the roller. MBO will also exhibit a DIGI-Finisher line with an HSB-7000 stapler at the HP booth.

Standard Postpress Systems

The standard Standard Finishing Systems booth has a theater that can showcase its Horizon i2i digital workflow for CIP4/JDF. Two JDF workflows will be displayed on its main stage - from design to postpress processing. The i2i system will use JDF file data to drive a network of post-press processing solutions, which mainly include: folder, binder, pager, booklet maker and saddle stitcher.

Vijuk Equipment Corporation

Vijuk equipment company will donate 40,000 color books and send them to nine different schools in the Chicago area. Vijuk will be binding the book on its 321-T saddle stitcher during the show. The main content of these books is about the customs of the countries that have a relationship with Vijuk.

Vijuk will also exhibit a new on-demand digital binding system. This system consists of a collator, a folder, a saddle stitcher, an edger and a sealer. This machine can bind 81⁄2 x 16" sheets to 81⁄2 x 31⁄4" finished products with two barrier-folders and one stapler. It is configured for 4 off-web formats, and can bind up to 2,000 booklets per hour at the fastest.

Source: Bison

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