Personalized design of product packaging (below)

Enhancing their personalization through the design of container styling

Container shape and external packaging are a pair of lips and teeth depending on the relationship between the shape of the curvature and tension, linear contrast, the visual effect of the body block, the container's color and material can create a unique charm. Such as "Sanxingdui Ancient Wine" series of packaging design, this wine produced in Sichuan, in order to establish their own distinctive personality in the market and is recognized by the majority of consumers, the overall image of wine packaging, both the clever use of local unearthed cultural relics, It also expressed the origin of wine and culture and created a good personality. In the use of the cultural relics unearthed in Sanxingdui, Sichuan, the wine packaging design selected two of the most representative Sanxingdui style portraits (clair eyes) and bronze heads (wind ears) as templates, with clear lines and clear outlines. Accompanied by the corresponding box design, the outside of the box is surrounded by bronze patterns that are unearthed as the background color, simple and elegant, echoing the art style inside and out, is a successful and perfect personalized design, with strong expression, in the same class Stand out from the product, unique, impressive and put it down.

Box structure is a prerequisite for individualized packaging

The protective function of packaging is of course important. The box structure of the cubes is indeed beneficial to the protection of goods and transportation, but the personal characteristics are relatively weak. In the supermarket shelves, the sales of common packaging products are not ideal. In order to solve both the good protection function and the novelty and novelty of the box type, efforts should be made in the structure to make full use of the properties of materials such as paper and board, and to use folding, stacking, cutting, and singling under the premise of reducing buffering force. The construction of the combination, with the help of decorative lines and other methods; also according to the internal products of the body and the material in the polyhedral structure, display structure, drawing structure, etc. to make the appropriate adjustments, resulting in a unique personality packaging, and color, The organic combination of words, the unique charm of the structure can be revealed. The opening and closing of the packaging box is reasonable, and the shape is unique and interesting, together with appropriate decorating point decorations. This seamless beauty is inseparable from the organic processing box body structure.

Reflect personalization from the choice of materials

If we can ignore the interference of color and shape around our lives, we can say that texture is the most important thing. The visual and tactile feelings of materials are inadvertently present around us. The texture of the objects we touch is unique to each kind of material. This unique material is applied to the packaging design and will give packaging design. The world brings a visual revolution. Breaking the routine use of materials in packaging can have unexpected results. This is reflected in the Japanese packaging design. Japanese people attach great importance to the beauty of nature. In terms of packaging materials, wood, straw, bamboo, soil, cloth, hemp, paper, etc. are basically used to intuitively and simply display the freshness, warmth, and purity of the product. Due to the wide selection of materials, the packaging's vision The effect is distinctive and colorful. The wrinkle texture of Miyake's life is boldly used in the design of perfume bottles and attire, giving the world a new visual experience while leaving behind a unique and profound impression. For another example, Masbox's CD box uses special heat-sensitive materials to leave any traces of life with a touch of body temperature, and then gradually recover. The development of new technology and new materials has created a unique look in packaging design. Each person will have a unique, non-repeable image on the packaging due to the different touch times and different parts. While excavating the packaging atmosphere of different material textures, we must also consider green environmental protection issues, and pay attention to the issue of saving material energy or using environmental pollution after it is discarded. This is also the aspect that packaging design cannot ignore.

In September 1997, a packed design competition held in Paris, France, required students to reform the original packaging design, make a difference, and make the original packaging into a multi-purpose packaging box, that is, the original packaging function in the packaging. Has other functions. The purpose and significance of this approach is to educate and strengthen people's deep understanding of energy saving materials, increase the use value of packaging boxes, and overcome or reduce the environmental pollution of discarded packaging boxes based on the enthusiasm of packaging.

Create a personalized package from the decor

There are many successful cases in this area. Through the combination of colors, brands, and texts, they can be intelligently conceived to express their personalities. Conch apparel can be regarded as one of China's famous brands. The benign cycle of the company, in addition to the advantages of product quality, the role of conch apparel packaging contributed. For more than ten years, Conch apparel packaging has been updated several times, opened the market with a forward-looking personal image, and achieved commercial success. The company has always adhered to the concept of “prominent branding, displaying individuality, and enhancing image” in the design and positioning of its packaging. A good market effect.

In a word, with the continuous improvement of the level of science and technology, similar products are becoming more and more homogenous, and competition among enterprises is transformed into the competition of image power in a certain sense. Design is not only a simple visual stimulus, but more importantly, Create information exchange and emotional experience for people and design products. At this time, the transmission of information tends to be two-way from one-way, from the surface layer to the deep layer, and the packaging design categories and concepts are expanded, creating a variety of personalized packaging designs. Much physical and psychological space. Nowadays, people are free to choose their lifestyle. The increase in economic capacity also makes people pursue their own freedom more freely. In order to further adapt to the needs of social development, commodities and packaging have to be more segmented to have individuality. Only in this way can there be a market and a development, and products can be marketed at various levels of consumption and meet the diverse needs of consumers. It can be seen that personalized packaging design will be an inevitable trend in the logistics process now and in the future.

Jiangsu Technical Teachers College Yong Yong "China Packaging Industry Magazine"

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