New requirements for pesticide packaging design

Pesticides cannot be lacking in agricultural production. In order to facilitate proper use, farmers' new requirements for pesticide packaging should cause the manufacturer's attention.

First, mark the bottle on the scale. There is no scale on the liquid pesticide bottle. Farmers often rely on their eyesight and experience to determine the amount of pesticides. Excessive amounts cause phytotoxicity. In this regard, farmers are required to have a scale showing weight on pesticide packaging. It is advisable for the manufacturer to produce more than one dose of a pesticide with a small dose of about 2.5 kg.

Second, marked poisoning emergency methods. Because different pesticides have different first-aid methods for poisoning, once pesticide poisoning is found, they often do nothing. Therefore, farmers expect that the first-aid method for pesticide poisoning will be simply marked on pesticide bottles. In this way, in case of poisoning, farmers can first perform first aid according to the stated requirements.

Third, the use of security signs. Farmers hope to apply high-tech anti-counterfeiting technology to pesticide packaging so that farmers can identify whether they are genuine or not.

Fourth, indicate the banned species. Today, the market access requirements for agricultural products, especially fruits and vegetables and agricultural products, are getting higher and higher. Therefore, farmers expect manufacturers to mark applicable crop types and banned crop types on pesticide packaging bags so that the produced agricultural products can meet green and pollution-free standards.

(Source: Anhui Science and Technology News)

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