My scientist realizes the visualization of brain cell survival microenvironment

A patented new technology for brain research invented by scientists in China will provide new ideas for the treatment of brain diseases that are currently in trouble. A few days ago, this technology, invented by Professor Han Hongbin of Peking University and his team, realized the three-dimensional visual imaging display and quantitative analysis of the microscopic internal environment of the survival of nerve cells in animals. At the 76th Academic Salon of New Ideas and New Doctrines organized by the China Association for Science and Technology, this aroused great interest from the participating experts.

This new brain imaging technology has changed the previous research ideas only for brain cells, and is a patented technology that can perform in vivo detection and visualization of the brain cell survival microenvironment. Although the extracellular space of the brain occupies 20% of the human brain volume, it has been ignored by the scientific community for more than 100 years. This technology can provide effective technical means for the development of new drugs in the nervous system, stem cell therapy, etc., as well as provide theoretical basis and therapeutic evaluation methods for these treatment methods. Treatment of diseases such as Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's disease provides new ways and new methods.

Over the past 100 years, brain science has been based on neuron theory as the core theoretical foundation, and has continued to deepen the understanding of encephalopathy, and has achieved many academic achievements. However, to date, the clinical treatment of strokes, Alzheimer's and other encephalopathy, which seriously endanger human health, has progressed very slowly.

Relevant experts said that if this technology can be widely used in the diagnosis and treatment of brain cognition and encephalopathy, brain science research will enter a new era in which nerve cells and nerve cells live in a micro-environment.

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