MM must know the safety sun protection knowledge

Sun protection is an important factor in preventing premature aging. For every beauty MM, sun protection is very important. Today we will learn about sun protection, understand sun protection, safely protect against ultraviolet rays, and enjoy sunshine. Cosmetic agent reports.

Safety sun protection knowledge 1: The ultraviolet light is not very strong under very hot temperatures.

Some people think that sun protection is needed in summer, and in autumn, not so hot, don't use sunscreen. This view is wrong. Sunscreen knowledge tells us that because UV rays don't heat up, it can also hurt your skin when you don't feel hot. For example, when people climb mountains, the more they go up, the cooler the mountain winds, and the stronger the ultraviolet rays. For every 1000 meters, the UV light is increased by 10%. The same is true in the sea: the sea breeze makes you feel cool, but the ultraviolet rays have reached a very high level.

Knowing the sun protection knowledge, you know that the ultraviolet rays in autumn may be stronger than you think. Don't be mildly paralyzed by autumn. When you don't apply sunscreen to your skin, ultraviolet rays have quietly damaged your skin.

Safety sun protection knowledge 2: Clouds are thick on cloudy days, and ultraviolet rays can also damage the skin.

Autumn, if it is cloudy, many people will forget to use sunscreen. In fact, the penetration of ultraviolet light is quite strong. The cloud layer has almost no isolation for ultraviolet light, and 90% of the ultraviolet rays can penetrate the clouds. Only the dark and heavy rain clouds can block some of the ultraviolet rays.

Safety Sun Protection Knowledge Viewpoint 3: The sun protection factor of sunscreen products should be adjusted according to your travel.

The higher the sun protection factor, the more sunscreen added, the more irritating the skin, so if you go to work, choose SPF15, PA+ products. If you are exercising outdoors, you should choose SPF25~SPF35, PA++ products. If you are swimming at the beach, choose SPF35~SPF50, PA+++. In the fall sunscreen, you can use SPF15.

Safety sun protection knowledge view 4: Apply a multi-layer sunscreen, the sunscreen effect is not a few.

The sunscreen effect you really get is only due to the higher sunscreen value, so there is no need to use both sunscreens at the same time. But if you use both a powder and a cream, the sunscreen effect will be partially enhanced.

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