Men wear watches need to consider what factors

Watches for men like bags for women, is a kind of emotional sustenance. Every man has a natural obsession with mechanics, and with too little to polish his image as an ornament, the watch fills the void. Every man will own a piece of his own watch, but not enough to have a watch, there are many men wearing watches stress. To sum up, men wearing watches need to consider three major issues: 1, practicality Although the watch's decorative performance far exceeds the practicality, but the ultimate goal is to buy the watch to see the time. Some men pay more attention to the functionality of the watch, these people suggest considering the additional practical performance should also consider the watch design, carving, should not be too obsessed with a function. For example, you are a workplace, business negotiations and other occasions, you should consider buying a business table or dress table, even if you are very obsessed with the timing function of the sports watch. 2, hedonism Remove the clock function of the watch itself, used to play to better understand the cultural background and rich connotation behind a watch. Watch is a mechanical plaything, need to bring to the wearer anytime, anywhere. As a result, only the outstanding appearance or exquisite movement is not enough, the watch comes with some ingenious design, including some special small features. Lok fitness table usually more satisfied with this trait. 3, decorative Women can use jewelry, you can use luxury clothing, and men's accessories are really pitiful, watches, ties, rings or cufflinks, these are decorative men's decorative products. With the popularity of jewelry watches, some men began to pursue the gorgeous appearance of the watch, men's jewelry watch is gradually gaining popularity. Visible watch the decorative is also worth considering, so when attending important events, the wrist watch can be enough shiny, and consistent with the noble identity. Jewelry watches and some limited edition watch more suitable for this type. In addition to the above points, the most need to pay attention to wear watches is the occasion, but also clothing with. Men, especially the Venerable, the elderly should pay more attention. In general, are round, oval, square, rectangle and diamond watch, because of its shape solemn, conservative, a very wide range of applications, suitable for general public wear. (Text / million watch world Fuxue Ting)

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