Kind of gift box

The gift box is classified according to the material, including paper box, wooden box, leather box, plastic box and metal box; there are folding book box and world box according to the form; Boxes and personal gift boxes.

Well, today, we have a brief description of the leather jewelry box and the wooden jewelry box. We hope that everyone can pick up the box later and can mainly go to these details.

Leather jewelry box

The gift box leather jewelry box is usually combined with fashionable design elements. It is filled with a rich modern flavor in the taste of the times.

Generally divided into crocodile pattern leather jewelry box, plain leather jewelry box, pearl jewelry box. Gift boxes such as Lavé's Big S crocodile-print leather jewelry box, Pandora's plain-leather jewellery box and binaural-style pearl-leather jewellery box are more representative.

Wooden jewelry box

Wooden jewelry boxes are simple and elegant, suitable for elegant temperament women.

Generally divided into mahogany jewelry box, pine jewelry box, beech wood jewelry box, peach wood jewelry box, the most distinctive is the coffin products. Oak is walnut wood, because of slow growth, its fine pattern, strong texture. Representative outside European style pine wood jewelry box such as national craft. There are also high-gloss lacquer jewelry boxes, metal jewelry boxes, and paper jewelry boxes.


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