Interpretation of home life in wardrobes of different eras

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] No matter what age, there are always one or two pieces of furniture in the house. Wardrobes seem to be essential for every family. After decades of wind and rain changes, the small wardrobe has undergone great changes. The theme of this issue is to discuss some of the wardrobes that are familiar to every family. Whether it is a traditionally carved carved wardrobe, a closet wardrobe, or a custom-made wardrobe with full-featured and rich colors, it is engraved with the cultural literacy of an era, the psychological appeal of an era. The small wardrobe, the great change, the condensation of people's interpretation of life.

Grandma's wardrobe

Antique ancient charm

Black sandalwood, high cabinet door, handle is a delicate copper pull ring... This is the big wardrobe of my grandmother's impression. Unlike a whole cabinet door, it is divided into three layers. Below are two side-by-side drawers. The small copper pull is very cuddly. In the middle is a double-door with a height of more than one meter. The lock is on the bolt. It seems that Grandma puts the most important thing. Inside; the top is the two squares of the double door, of course, there are locks, but it seems to be purely a display. The favorite sesame sugar is placed at the bottom; clothes, pants, quilts are stacked neatly in the middle; the top layer has only a few thin quilts.

This kind of wardrobe is still very common in the grandmother's house, and it should be regarded as an early wardrobe. Heavy colors, exquisite carvings, and delicate brass locks give a sense of antique history. But because of its cumbersome design, Grandma is particularly struggling when finishing clothes. Every time I change seasons, I have to climb up and down to get the quilt, change the sheets, and even find the clothes and take them out one by one. It is really inconvenient.

The main body of the wardrobe is mostly black or black and red. It is made of solid wood. It is thick and solid. It is combined with the light of the bedroom. The carved doors and old paint become the typical symbols of the wardrobe at that time. The reporter once visited the old house of a hundred years ago in the old street of Liu’an and Qingqing. The furnishings in it are such a way that people can bring people into the scene of life 100 years ago. This kind of wardrobe is an indispensable piece of furniture for Chinese families. With the reform and opening up, this antique furniture and carved big bed are gradually disappearing. At present, it can only be seen in some museums.

In the city or the countryside, the large wardrobe is still an important piece of furniture for the family. Along with the increase in clothing and the richness of styles, people gradually have new requirements for wardrobes. The increase in the size of large wardrobes indicates the improvement of people's material level and the improvement of life. This type of wardrobe has been in the Chinese family for nearly 20 years, and then disappeared without a trace. This type of wardrobe can only be seen in some rural houses. Because the process is simple, without the history and art of the traditional wardrobe, it is just a tool, so it is gradually forgotten in people's memory, and even has no "collection" value, becoming a "transition" product in a special historical stage.

Our wardrobe

The most fashionable trend

With the improvement of people's living standards, the demand for individuality and practicality is getting higher and higher. Since the 1990s, the purchase of complete sets of furniture has become the most popular trend. With the development of the industry, after 2000, the overall furniture began to be loved by many consumers. At that time, there were too few manufacturers and relatively few specialty stores, so the business of custom furniture was unusually hot. There was no clear industry name for the whole furniture before. There are called closets, there are called moving doors, there are called wall cabinets, there are called wardrobes, there are also called cloakrooms. As custom furniture is slowly accepted by consumers, from the initial small workshop production to the factory production, production has begun to take shape. Custom furniture began to rise.

In 2004, the concept of the overall home was proposed. At that time, a lot of overall homes were proposed, including the decoration company also played the concept of the overall home. At this time, the whole industry is chaotic, and many consumers do not know what to do. There are no fixed formats and no specialized industry organizations. With the development of the industry, the product line has become more and more abundant. After 8 years of development, it has become more and more mature. At the beginning, everyone started to move doors and cloakrooms. Now, the whole wardrobe including many furniture is dare to start designing and making.

With the development of several years, the advantages and characteristics of customized furniture are increasingly customized, rational planning space, factory production, to ensure that the quality, functionality and comfort of the entire product is becoming more and more obvious, consumers are increasingly recognized this industry. With the recognition and acceptance of consumers, the product line of the whole wardrobe is more and more mature and more and more perfect.

In recent years, with the rapid development of real estate, various types of homes and decoration styles have emerged in an endless stream, and most of the furniture is relatively popular in design, it is difficult to meet individual requirements. A lot of furniture is beautiful in the exhibition hall. Once it is moved to a specific home, it is eclipsed. It is not the size and the space of the house. The style does not conform to the overall decoration style. At this time, consumers have tailor-made requirements to provide consumers with individuality. Customized furniture customization services, including the overall wardrobe, the overall bookcase, the walk-in closet, the in-wall closet, the overall furniture and other titles are all custom furniture. Custom furniture has also become one of the important means for many furniture manufacturers to promote their products. Furniture customization can not only meet the individual needs of consumers, but also create a brand-new marketing method for the current furniture market, thus achieving rapid sales growth.

Mother's wardrobe

Concise and generous

No matter which era, the wardrobe is the most important furniture at home. Whether it is poor or family wealth, the wardrobe is very important. It not only has important storage functions, but more importantly, it is very important for a room. effect. When the parents were in the era, it was the time of China’s reform and opening up. At that time, the wardrobes in ordinary families were all out of a “model”: the two doors were on two sides, the middle was a large dressing mirror, and the inside was a lattice. The other side is pendant. The mirror is also a door. After opening, you can put some items that are not commonly used. The color of the wardrobe is mostly yellow with wood grain, and the dark wardrobe is not common.

At that time, the wardrobe was built by the woodworker according to his own craft. Compared with the traditional wardrobe, there was a great improvement. First, the color was bright. Secondly, the internal structure had a clear division of labor, which was simple, generous and practical. The large wardrobe is also an important "prop" for marriage at that time. Whether it is rich or poor, the wardrobe must still be available. A large wardrobe and a man's woolen tops, or a woman's woolen coat are inseparable.

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