Innovative screen printing technology in the new era

Everything must develop with the changes of the times, otherwise it can only be forced to accept the fate of being eliminated. The same is true of screen printing, which has a history of more than 2,000 years. The new requirements of the new era have given it more new content.

Although screen printing technology originated in China, the rapid development in mainland China began after the 1980s. At that time, screen printing grew at a rate of more than 5% in China, until 2011, the output value exceeded 50 billion yuan, close to 10% of the total output value of the printing industry. After more than 30 years of development, today, screen printing is not only closely related to people's daily lives, but is also closely related to all industrial products. An integral part of the industry.
New features
The traditional screen printing is to stretch silk fabric, synthetic fiber fabric or metal screen on the screen frame, and use manual engraving paint film or photochemical plate making method to make screen printing plate. Modern screen printing technology has been improved. It uses photosensitive materials to make a screen printing plate by means of photo-engraving. During printing, the ink is transferred to the substrate through the mesh of the graphic part through the extrusion of the scraper. The same graphic as the original. In order to adapt to the increasingly fierce market competition and meet more and higher requirements of customers, screen printing technology has been rapidly improved and improved in recent decades. Compared with other printing methods, it mainly exhibits the following five characteristics.
1. Wide range of printing
Screen printing has great flexibility and wide applicability. Using screen printing, you can print on flat surfaces, special shaped substrates, and even uneven surfaces. In addition, the printing format of screen printing is relatively wide, it can be printed in a large area, the printing format can reach more than 3m × 4m, and it can also be printed on ultra-small, ultra-high precision items. Because the screen printing plate is relatively soft and flexible, and the printing pressure is low, if you need to print on a soft substrate like textiles and various glass and ceramic vessels that are easily damaged by pressure, you can choose screen printing.
2. Wide adjustable ink layer
The printed matter printed by relief printing and lithography has an ink layer thickness of only a few microns, and the intaglio printing is 12 to 15um. Compared with them, the thickness of the ink layer for screen printing is relatively wide: under normal conditions, the thickness of the ink layer for screen printing is about 10-20um; the thinnest can be up to 5um; and for special thick film printing, the ink layer will be More than 1000um. The thicker screen printing ink layer makes it more suitable for printed circuit boards, oil paintings and textile printing. In addition, since the hiding power of the ink is particularly strong, pure white printing can be performed on completely black paper.
3. Applicable to various types of ink
The wide range of inks that can be used for screen printing is beyond the definition of common inks, including pastes, pastes, paints, adhesives, and solid powders. Therefore, screen printing inks are sometimes collectively referred to as "printing materials". In addition, compared with other printing methods, screen printing does not have high requirements for the fineness of the pigment particles in the ink, as long as inks and coatings that can pass through the fineness of the screen mesh can be used.
4. Good outdoor performance
Since screen printing has a wide range of applications for inks, it can use inks that incorporate light-resistant pigments or fluorescent pigments, so that the printed text and graphics will not be affected by temperature and sunlight to maintain gloss, and can even glow at night. This feature determines that screen-printed products can be used for advertising and signage outdoors.
5. Not subject to corporate restrictions
Screen printing, like lithographic printing, letterpress printing, and gravure printing, can be used for industrial mass production. At the same time, it has the characteristics of unmatched other three printing methods, such as convenient plate making, cheap price, flexible and diverse printing methods, and easy to master technology, so it can be independent of the size of the enterprise, and even individual operations are feasible.
new trend
The development of screen printing technology depends on and promotes the continuous innovation and improvement of screen printing equipment. The market demand for screen printing to increase the number of color registrations and improve the fineness of printing has undoubtedly put forward higher requirements for screen printing equipment manufacturers. According to the current development situation of the screen printing market, perhaps automation, high quality and on-line production will become the main development trend of screen printing equipment in the future.
1. Manual screen printing equipment will gradually decrease. Although the situation of manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic screen printing machines is still present in China, and will not change in the short term, with the increasingly fierce market competition and the continuous improvement of screen printing technology requirements, manual screen printing equipment will gradually decline trend.
2. Automatic equipment will develop towards high precision, high quality and large format. Semi-automatic screen printing machine is the focus of attention of many domestic manufacturers. Under the double squeeze of increasingly fierce market competition and continuous improvement of process requirements, manufacturing companies may pay more attention to the novelty of the shape and the diversity of functions in product design, especially the integration High-tech concept semi-automatic screen printing opportunities are more favored. For example, the control panel uses a touch screen, a monitoring and positioning CCD conversion system is installed, and the servo motor drive working platform has automatic alignment and photoelectric sensor alignment functions. Market development trends within. At the same time, the rapid development of the advertising industry will put more and higher requirements on large-format printing, and will also make semi-automatic large-format screen printing machines show a good development trend.
3. The application of screen printing production lines will show an upward trend. The silk screen production line is gradually gaining popularity because it can combine multi-color printing and drying on one production line, especially in the cosmetics industry. The fully-automatic cylinder screen printing production line will occupy more and more market share in China's future screen printing equipment market due to its perfect combination of high precision and high speed.
4. The new screen printing equipment provides a sufficient guarantee for the development of the high-tech industry. Automatic coating machines are basically popularized, and the demand for CCD screen printing machines and parallel light exposure machines is increasing. They are indispensable equipment in the production lines of electronic industries such as flat panel displays, touch panels, and mobile phone lenses.
New application
The application range of screen printing is actually quite extensive. It is joked by many people that it can be printed on a variety of materials and substrates with different surface shapes, except that air and water cannot be printed. Its substrates include paper, plastic, wood products, metal products, glass, ceramics, signs, textiles, leather products, optical disks, magnetic cards, etc. Perhaps the most noticeable in recent years is its application in the high-tech electronics industry.
When screen printing technology with a long history collides with modern electronic information technology, the so-called "electronic screen printing technology" is produced. It is a special field in the screen printing industry, and its products have screen printing technology. And the dual characteristics of electronic information technology. It is precisely because of its dual characteristics, so the products of electronic screen printing technology will have a higher technological content and value-added return. At present, the application of electronic screen printing technology in the high-tech industry is not rare, such as printed circuit boards (PCB), touch screens, computer LCD monitors, solar cells, mobile phones, business communications, electronic dictionaries, and various electronic instruments. All need the assistance of screen printing.
The magic of electronic screen printing technology also lies in the application range and service objects of the products. Taking only PCBs and membrane switches and touch panels as examples, in large-scale cloud computer systems, on magnetic levitation trains, on nuclear submarine "Long March 1", in ballistic missile nuclear submarine underwater launch vehicle, in Shenzhou series In the human spacecraft, underwater robots and new missile destroyers, you can see the PCBs, membrane switches and touch panels designed and manufactured by the Chinese themselves, which proves to the world that the electronic wire is active in the high-tech field The screen printing technology and its products have a strong practical ability and a bright future.
As an invention with a long history, screen printing carries too many ancient civilizations. In the new era, while adhering to its inherent characteristics, it also closely follows the rhythm of the era and bursts out new energy belonging to this era.

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