Indoor layout must refer to the owner's numerology

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] Many people pay less attention to the basic common sense of Feng Shui and the five elements when decorating and decorating the room. As a result, the bad luck is repeated and the home is uneasy. When you feel wrong, when you look for someone to see that there is a problem with the layout, the decoration pattern has already formed. To change it, you must break the original design and save the people. Therefore, I advocate that at the beginning of the decoration design, we should consider the feng shui taboo and the five elements of the owner's numerology, so that we will not spend money, but also can be comfortable and smooth.

Interior layout

However, it is also very particular to find someone to guide the decoration from the perspective of Feng Shui layout. Must find a high person, must find an expert who knows the science of life. Nowadays, many feng shui masters do not practice numerology. They only "guide" the master according to the knowledge imparted in the Feng Shui book. This is very incomplete, and some layouts may even be counterproductive. A good Feng Shui Bureau, suitable for A people, may not be suitable for B people, I live in auspicious and smooth, others may be fierce. The basic principle of feng shui also comes from the five elements. The "master" who does not study numerology is impossible to practice and observe the essence of the five elements. Without a deep understanding of the Five Elements, you cannot use the five elements correctly, and you can't talk about the correct view of Feng Shui.

Do not study the master's numerology, how do you know that the master's feng shui should be taboo? It can be seen that many feng shui masters do not learn numerology, but everywhere to point people to Feng Shui, I think it is very ridiculous!

Of course, many fixed programs in Feng Shui can't change. For example, the toilet location should be taboo. In ancient times, there were no toilets, only toilets, and the toilets were stinking. Therefore, the ancients paid great attention to the location of the toilets in the construction of Yangzhai, and asked them to be placed in the fierce position to keep the fierce. In the countryside, the toilets are generally far from the mansion. The bathroom of the modern Yang house is more and more stressful, the modern facilities of the bathroom are more and more complete, and the functions are increasing. The functions of toilet, bathing and cleaning are integrated. With the toilet, the smell is basically gone, but the bathroom is the place where the dirt is stored. It is not the same as other functional areas. The bathroom cannot be located in the center of the Yang House and behind the central axis of the building. The central location is called Zhonggong and must be kept clean and empty. The rear of the central axis is the side of the dragon. In this place, there is a conductive and polluted water flowing, which will seriously interfere with the geothermal field of the Yang house. Living in this kind of house for a long time, or the medicine stone is constantly, or suffering from a strange disease that is difficult to cure, or for various reasons, it is broken. Another example is the taboo of the bed. The bed is where people sleep and rest. The reasonable position of the bed is directly related to the quality of sleep and has a great relationship with people's physical health. The bed should not be on the door or on the column. It should not be on the corner. It is not suitable for the mirror. It is not suitable to ride the beam. There should be no well behind the bed. There should be no gods and incense. It is not appropriate to place debris under the bed. The bed should be supported by a solid wall. The bed and the bedroom door are also in accordance with the congenital body, the day after tomorrow is the method of life. The door bed, the door bed ratio and the yin, the door gram bed, the yin and yang match as fierce. Beds and gates, Kemen yin and yang are out of tune.

Studying the master's numerology, combined with the owner's five elements of joy, bogey, reference to the Feng Shui layout points to complete a perfect Feng Shui layout program suitable for a person or a family, is a reasonable method of tailor-made. Such as the color of taboo. Nowadays, urban Yangzhai pays special attention to interior decoration, and the house is more beautiful and luxurious. The color and furniture color of the interior of the house should be consistent with the gods and gods of the house owner, and pay attention to the flow of the five elements. The color has a distinct five-line attribute, purple, red is fire, yellow is soil, red and yellow are warm colors; green is wood, black is water, dark blue, white is gold, is a cool color. The color used for house decoration should be light color, pay attention to the coordination of colors, can not use dark blue, black, four columns with the god of water, can only be used with black furniture. The four-column is made of Shenmu, with a light green curtain.

The layout of Feng Shui, the relationship between the home and the house can not help the owner, can not be easily entrusted, need to have a more systematic knowledge of Zhou Yi experts, in order to correctly master and use.

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