In the 3G era, communication without distance, the glory of the smart industry

China Education Equipment Purchasing Network News: Looking at more and more people around us holding mobile phones is not only making phone calls and sending text messages, but also more is browsing the web, connecting to online video calls through 3G signals, and playing online games. I have to sigh that the advancement of technology has brought us more convenience. In the development and application, this is a very difficult process, which requires the school to provide a large number of talents to the society.

With the opening of the 3G era, the application of smart terminals has gradually penetrated into daily life, such as smart phones, tablet computers, car GPS and so on. With the popularization of smart terminals, a series of related applications based on mobile Internet continue to emerge. From mobile e-commerce to social platforms, the Internet features of smart phones continue to highlight. Innovation is the core and key of the entire industrial chain, promoting the upgrading and development of the industry.

Taking smartphones as an example, operators, Internet companies, and terminal manufacturers have played a vital role in the digital market. They are all aware of the prospects and benefits of future development. 3G smart phone terminals became the focus of competition. Apple took the lead in winning a breakthrough victory. According to the self-service terminal portal, the total domestic mobile phone sales in the second quarter of 2011 reached 68.94 million (excluding black phones and parallel phones). MoM growth was 3.3%. Among them, the performance of 3G mobile phones was eye-catching. The sales of 3G mobile phones reached 24.28 million, an increase of 27.3% from the previous month, and the sales volume hit a record high. With the development of social economy, the application of smart terminals will be more extensive, and smart phones are a starting point for the development of the smart terminal industry. In the future, smart terminals will be more perfect as technology advances. The innovation and novelty of industrial products determine the market share and development prospects. According to outside rumors, Apple CEO Steve Jobs made countless product design solutions before launching the Phone series and finally determined the appearance and pages of Phone4. The transformation of the smartphone industry can be said to be led by Apple, and the innovation of a new product can be Apple has witnessed the changes that have changed the entire industrial market.

In recent years, the development of smart terminals has been the fastest in the mobile phone and tablet PC industries, while China's domestic 3G market has just opened, and giants such as Nokia, Samsung, and Apple have entered, especially in the field of smart phones. However, it is gratifying that in recent years, domestic mobile phone manufacturers such as Huawei, ZTE, Lenovo, Tianyu, Coolpad, OPPO, etc. have also bet on Android, continue to launch new models, promote the slow transformation of market share, and the development of smart terminal industry As China has just entered the stage of development, the development of the future industrial chain will be gradually stabilized by competition and reform. No one will know how the future industrial chain will change, but we must be clear that the development of the industry is always inseparable from innovation At the same time as the industry enters the development stage, in addition to drawing on the strengths and strengths of others, it is also very important to add our own elements and ideas. Innovation will change and reform the new development of the smart terminal industry in the future. (Xie Yinan / Editor)

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