How do women of mature age use make-up to age?

Mature women sometimes give people a feeling of calm, but sometimes they give people a feeling of being too old-fashioned, to see how to use makeup techniques to achieve age-reduction goals.

One of the tender tricks, the blush

In fact, in daily makeup, blush is an indispensable step. It is necessary to improve the shape of the face and adjust the complexion. However, looking through your makeup bag, for youth dress of your dreams, do not use blush orange and natural color, they are too mature color. Switch to a box of pure pink, in addition to the usual cheek position, you may wish to use more pink in the raised part of the smile, draw a circle with a rouge brush, draw your youth to draw. Looking in the mirror, from smile to happy laugh, healthy and lovely face is definitely a symbol of youth.

Dress up the second trick, cleanliness lip gloss

In color terminology, the clarity and grayscale are contrasts. The higher the clarity, the more conspicuous the color, and the higher the grayscale, the more stable and bleak. We often use less natural colors when we go to work to be professional and trusted.

When you are dressed up, you must stay away from all the dark colors. Crystal bright orange, pink, red, use it with confidence, and a little bit of lip gloss, blue silver green, you can also sway, but it is necessary to dress up tender, take out all the tricks of high school girls!

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