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[ Chinese wardrobe network ] In the living room, the storage problem is one of the problems that plague many housewives. Indeed, there are many studies in the entrance hall. Today, Xiao Bian daring for the room porch storage problems to support a few tricks, providing inspiration from IKEA, to see if there is a solution to the problem of porch storage. The room type is not big, but as long as you use the right method, you can create a strong porch storage. You can get a lot of inspiration from the picture below. A large bookshelf separates the space for your room, and it is also a good place to store, and a shoe The cabinet and a mirror cabinet can store the rest of the clothes for you.

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The function of the bedroom has never changed much since ancient times. It has always been the main place for sleeping, rest, and storing clothes. It is the most personal space in the living room. Each well-decorated bedroom is a beautiful and melodic melody that is worth remembering. However, the design of the bedroom does not necessarily create an atmosphere with colorful tones and endless shapes. The simple, simple, elegant and modern minimalism has been more and more appreciated and loved by people.

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"Less is more" emphasizes that money is no longer spent on expensive decorative materials and cumbersome styling. It can be said that the furniture, furnishings and art decorations that really affect the atmosphere of the bedroom, the wall, the ground and the ceiling are just a background for their performance. Place a few pieces of furniture that are not complicated in color and color, put one or two favorite decorations, a natural and simple, contemporary bedroom is born.

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In the design of the bedroom, the designer is to pursue the perfect unity of function and form, elegant and unique, simple and bright design style. In the aesthetic design of the bedroom, the designer should pursue fashion without impetuousness, solemn elegance and lack of relaxed and romantic feeling. Therefore, in the design of the bedroom, the designer will use more rich expression techniques to make the bedroom seem simple, but the charm is endless.

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