Horizontal steam boiler technical drawings

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Products include coal-fired boilers, oil-fired boilers, high-viscosity heavy oil boilers, oil and gas dual-fuel boilers, biomass fuel boilers, biphenyl furnaces and circulating fluidized bed boilers, various heating systems, chemical additives, 19 series, more than 191 models. Products, at the same time representing the relevant equipment and products of large enterprises at home and abroad. Wide applicability, drying, mine antifreeze, electroplating, pickling, metal surface heat treatment, road asphalt melting are inseparable from Fengjing brand: telephone fax 24 hours free consultation phone
(The boilers and pressure vessels sold are strictly implemented â—† "Special Equipment Safety Supervision Regulations" â—† "Boiler and Pressure Vessel Safety Supervision Regulations" relevant regulations)
And has the "Special Equipment Safety Supervision and Inspection Certificate", "Product Quality Certificate", "Compressed Component Strength Calculation Book", user product general map, ontology map, etc.

The restaurant decorated in a modern style, a wide range of soft bag chairs have become an integral whole restaurant-style embellishment. As consumers, because of its small, comfortable, independent and much loved. For restaurant owners, free-standing and space is an important factor in their choice.

Soft bag chair is a sponge, cloth or soft leather bag named. There are two common all soft bag chairs and semi-soft bag chairs on the market. The so-called package is a totally flexible backrest and cushion are sponges, then Gapi material or soft bag made of cloth. The semi-soft bag chairs generally only cushion soft case. From the fabric, the leather chairs and fabric soft pack soft bag chairs face the choice of different, with skin, Busha choice is the same, in the end is good or better choose leather sofa fabric sofa, in fact, each has its own characteristics, The most important thing according to their own style of decoration and customer preferences.

Soft bag chairs are made of high quality wood frame inside the building, solid structure, angle in accordance with ergonomic design, better use of improved function and quality of the chair. Soft pack part made of high quality sponge, cotton high density multi-layer structure, ride comfort, spring rate, and durability.

Soft Cover Chairs

Covered Dining Room Chairs, Lounge Chairs for Bedroom, Fabric Covered Dining Chairs, Chair with Removable Cushions

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