【GUCCI Watch Jewelry】 IFS International Financial Center Flash Shop in Chengdu is open to the public from April 6 to July 6

( April 6, 2017 to July 6 , Chengdu) GUCCI watch jewelry flash shop from April 6 to July 6 at the Chengdu International Finance Center on the third floor open to the public, 2017 new watch jewelry new Stunning debut, elegant display case with rich color velvet padded display for the audience delightful shopping Sheng, unique atmosphere of lighting, decorated with Gucci signature black and white printing personalized panels, are committed to creating elegant Charming atmosphere, presented to the public GUCCI watch jewelry unparalleled landmark style. Chengdu IFS International Financial Center flash shop GUCCI watch jewelry 2017 new product recommendation New G-Timeless series watch New GG Running series and ICON series of jewelery G-Timeless series watch Le March édes Merveilles collection of jewelery

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