"Green plastic" unveiled in the North American market

Recently, Wilkin Biological Manufacturing Co. in the United States began producing polylactic acid (PLA) thermoforming packaging materials using corn as a raw material, and promoted this green plastic to the North American market. It is understood that such green plastic products using the “natural” trademark of Cargill Road are now used for the packaging of fresh food in Europe and Asian countries, and these packagings are registered trademarks of Wilkinson's “natural polymerized lactic acid plastics”. The container can be discarded after use. According to the operator of the product, the commodity plan has been launched for 15 months. As a substitute for petroleum resin, it has no adverse impact on the environment and has been well received by the market. Polymeric lactic acid green packaging materials, which are now used to package a variety of fine foods and fresh foods, have been marketed.

Dog Grooming and hygiene come in hand in hand, and are important for the health of dogs in general. Dogs need to be bathed and groomed regularly to stay clean and healthy. We supply grooming products for dog owners that they can use easily to groom their dogs daily. We also supply grooming products for professional dog groomers that they need for working with dogs every day or at dog shows for grooming competitions.


We supply nail clippers, nail file, grooming scissors, combs and slicker brushes for all sizes of dog and length of their coats, they also come in plastic, stainless steel and wooden material for different preference.

Grooming products 

Grooming glove and PVA chamois material pet towels also help in grooming dogs at home as they are comfortable and easy to use.

Pet Towel


Oral hygiene for dogs is as important, we supply finger toothbrush and long toothbrush that you can reach your dogs teeth easily.


Pet cleaning swabs can be applied easily by dog owners to do basic cleaning on dogs' ears, eyes and wounded areas and also help to prevent flea & tick and itch relief for dogs.

Pet cleaning swab


Many more products are available in our range, please contact us for more information.


PERCELL PET is established in 1978 with offices located in Taipei, Taiwan and Guangdong, China. Currently, Percell Pet partners with more than 49 distributors around the world and carries thousands of quality pet supplies for dogs, cats, birds, fresh and salt water fishes, reptiles and small animals, like rabbits and ferrets, etc from Taiwan and China.

We supply popular and classic pet products around the world and also OEM products at your needs.

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Dog Grooming & Hygiene

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