Form of the cloakroom: Apple aristocratic wardrobe

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] form of cloakroom: Apple aristocratic wardrobe

It is not a luxury to draw a cloakroom in the home. The size of the cloakroom can be determined according to the actual situation of the owner. Clothing, food, shelter, and clothing rank first, it is obvious that there is a cloakroom in the home. It is really necessary.

The currently popular cloakrooms are mainly in the following forms.

Open cloakroom

This cloakroom is suitable for young people who want to solve all the functions in a large space. But even if it is open, there must be some privacy, so as not to make the big space seem too chaotic.

A better form is that it is stored in an empty wall and is not completely enclosed. The advantage is that the air is well ventilated and spacious. However, the disadvantage is that the dust is poor, so dust is the key point of attention in such a cloakroom. The dust cover can be used to hang clothes and the boxes are used to stack clothes. For the sake of distinction, some signs can be added. If you have more drawers and cabinets, it is more practical.

The open cloakroom is stored in an empty wall, which has the advantage of good air circulation and spaciousness.

Separate cloakroom

Stand-alone cloakrooms require a higher standard of residential space. Only by setting up a separate cloakroom in a large and spacious space can it be both aesthetic and practical. The separate cloakroom features dust-proof, complete storage space and plenty of room for dressing, so the room must be adequately illuminated.

Built-in cloakroom

This cloakroom is an expedient measure, which is relatively economical in area, high in space utilization, and easy to keep clean. Generally speaking, if you can find a space of more than 4 square meters in your home, you can consider asking the professional furniture factory to make several sets of wardrobe doors and internal compartments according to the shape of the space, and make a built-in cloakroom. space.

The built-in cloakroom has a high space utilization and is easy to keep clean.

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