Folding technology is also a powerful weapon for binding printing products

For more demanding consumers, every detail of a printing shop including printing products that a printing company can provide must be as perfect as possible. The post-press printing process is undoubtedly an important battlefield for various product competitions. He Yong, executive general manager of MBO Printing Equipment Systems (Beijing) Co., Ltd., patiently elaborated the production concept of product excellence.

Whether it is a "folding technology leader" or a "global folding technology pioneer," or a "world folding expert," MBO has won numerous titles from the industry. If the post-press industry is a river full of disputes, then the MBO should be the leader of the martial arts who has been embraced by the crowd in the field of folding. Naturally, it is self-evident whether the Lord “folds” his clothes.

In fact, through the interview with Mr. He Yong, the general manager of MBO Printing Equipment Systems (Beijing) Co., Ltd., we see not only the advanced technology that MBO dominates the "breaking" of clothes, but also what kind of people have put forward. Admire the views and ideas.

"Folding can also be the last step."

What is the last process of printing? Perhaps some people answered it as binding, some people answered it as cutting, and others answered it as a lamination. Obviously, this is people's traditional sense. However, in this interview, He always raised a different point of view: "Folding can also be the last process." This view completely broke the traditional concept of "folding is the intermediate link in the printing production process." It is seen as a decisive step in the transformation of prints into final products.

On the conference room table, an assortment of folded samples of MBO was displayed, brochures, brochures, pamphlets, maps, and a variety of printed materials in a complex folding process. He always took one of the thin booklets and told reporters: “This kind of product is finished from folding to in-line spray, and it does not require glueing or saddle stitching. It not only improves work efficiency, but also saves Cost, but also in line with the concept of low-carbon, I believe there will be a great market demand in the future.” From the look of He Zong, we have seen a firm, but that should be more confidence in the development trend of the market.

In the interview, the reporter also learned that if you still regard folding as an auxiliary process in the post-press processing, then you will ignore the meaning of the page giving the printed “life”. Because ordinary papers need to transform from printing to print, and thus integrate functions, ideas, and forms into one, folds play a decisive role in this.

"Because of concentration, professionalism."

MBO has always insisted on shaping an idea that "MBO is a folding page." In fact, this not only embodies the field of folding that MBO is engaged in, but also highlights a dedicated and professional spirit. What is being said is: "We have to do a professional folding." In fact, MBO in the brand building and other folding equipment suppliers is also the difference between this focus and professional.

"Because of concentration, professionalism." Although this sentence is brief, it vividly expresses MBO's achievements in the field of folding. As a leader in global folding technology, MBO has always centered on folding pages, continuously expanding and extending its product structure and functions, and providing more competitive products and better services for printing companies worldwide.

In addition, He always said in an interview: “Efficient, innovative, and value-added are the advantages of MBO folding equipment in opening up the market. More than 40 years of folding experience in R&D and production are the cornerstone of MBO's rapid growth.” As a “world folding expert” This is the momentum shown by MBO. As a leader in the folding equipment supplier, this is also the belief that He always works together with the company to grow up.

"We advocate plain folding ideas."

In recent years, the printing industry has entered the era of “doing” to “making” with the time tunnel. The price of “doing” is shrinking, and the income of “making” is increasing day by day. As we all know, the constant homogenization competition will surely lead to the final phase of elimination, and the ability to innovate is the most important factor in the future endowment of all winners.

In fact, innovation is a combination. It can be the development of new products, new technologies, new materials, or it can be to open up new markets and tap new customers. For example, "creative folding" is an innovative idea put forward by He He, and he believes that creative folded products can bring value to the company.

Subsequently, in the process of promoting "creative folding", MBO also encountered various difficulties and challenges. With a series of problems solved, He always emphasized: "We don't advocate over-design folding ideas. For example, a fold-out work that focuses on creativity has attracted attention, but it has increased. Cumbersome processes and extra costs, if there is no market demand, will not work. Therefore, the creative folds that we make must be applicable and practical, that is, they advocate the 'simple folding creativity'.” The facts show that the reason for MBO is that One of the important reasons why we can continue to grow in China is the persistence of this simple folding concept. It also helped MBO shake off the torrent of homogenous competition and succeeded in standing out from many competitors.

In addition, He always said frankly: "MBO should not only adhere to this simple folding concept, but also focus on improving the efficiency and applicability of the equipment, as well as the innovations in spray adhesive and laminating technology. ”

"Provide customers with the services behind them."

"Quality is the root and service is the foundation." It can be said that this is the golden rule practiced by many companies, because high-quality products and services are the key to success. Similarly, MBO not only has excellent products, but also has perfect services. In particular, many customers also believe that MBO sells not only equipment, but service and technology.

He always stated: "Helping customers to find markets and get out of troubles has long been an irresistible duty for MBO." What is worth mentioning is that the reporter learned from the interview that MBO also insists on providing "a service behind the customer". ".

What is the so-called "service behind"?

Over the years, he has devoted himself to the field of folding. He sums up many customers and becomes friends with them. Therefore, when the customer encounters the problem of folding technology, he will first ask him about it. For example, when a customer receives an order with a complicated folding process, Ho will always help them identify whether the existing printing equipment can successfully complete production. Because if the printing plant's equipment can't meet the customer's needs, only manual folding can be used to complete the order, which not only takes time and effort, but also increases labor costs and even becomes a losing business.

Rather than saying that MBO provides customers with a "service behind," it is better to say that MBO is acting as the "staff" or "military" of the customer. We believe that the close cooperation between MBO and its customers can be achieved no matter what kind of hardships it encounters in the future.

"Low carbon is a social responsibility."

Low-carbon has been widely popular since last year, and it has quickly been buoyed by all walks of life. The printing industry is no exception. MBO has always been committed to the development and innovation of the folding field. Recently, it has also launched a new "low-carbon folding solution". How does the unconventional MBO explain the low-carbon concept?

He always believes that for MBO, low carbon is not a simple slogan but a social responsibility. He said: “Although folding is a very small part of the overall printing environment, it can also achieve low carbon. A simple understanding is that the fewer materials used, the simpler the processes, the fewer people and equipment, and the more resources they consume. Less, less carbon is consumed to produce the same product."

From Mr. He’s speech, we can feel the responsibility of MBO for environmental protection everywhere. He said: “Low-carbon starts from the side and starts from a booklet.” However, currently there are not many low-carbon folding solutions. Many companies do not care about this kind of benefit from society and the earth. thing. To this end, General Manager Ho plans to start directly from companies and consumers who produce end products, and promote them to low-carbon actions that start from a booklet. Then, when consumers establish a low-carbon awareness, the printing plant will naturally pay attention to it, which will form a virtuous circle. He also emphasized that the low carbon production method is not a patent of MBO, but can be adopted by all folding machines. In fact, MBO is merely taking the position of a technological leader in fulfilling its due social responsibilities and leading the ultimate goal of low-carbon production in the entire folded area.

However, some people worry that it is impossible to have both fish and bear's paw, because the use of low-carbon and environmentally-friendly equipment often leads to high costs. In this regard, he always said that this kind of worry is completely redundant, because there is no contradiction between environmental protection and cost. For example, in-line glue spraying when folding a page, due to the simplification of the process flow and the saving of nails as raw materials, the result is both environmental protection and low cost.

  "Determined promotion of folding business."

As the last step in the entire printing process, India has relied on the advantages of cheap labor resources to help push the development of the printing industry. However, with the rise in labor costs, this advantage has ceased to exist. After the Indian press, it gradually moved from the "behind the scenes" to "in front of the stage," and began to be taken seriously by the industry.
He always believes that the degree of concern for India after printing is actually a matter of consciousness, because after printing is always a production process, but due to the past mainly relying on manual labor, it can not reflect the real value, and often is not valued. With the increase in labor costs and the country’s attention, printing companies have begun to pay attention to the post-press cost issue, which has led to lower costs and higher returns through equipment. With this opportunity, MBO has long been ready to go. In the future, MBO will continue to promote its folding business with greater enthusiasm and contribute to the development of the post-press industry.

From "Folding can also be the last process" to "Because of focus, so professional", from "Proposing plain folding ideas" to "Providing the services behind customers", from "Low carbon is a social responsibility" to "Dedicated to promote the folding business", Mr. He's every point of view and ideas have left a deep impression on reporters. We believe that under Mr. He’s leadership, MBO Printing Equipment Systems (Beijing) Co., Ltd. will continue to grow and develop, and MBO’s technology, products and services will continue to “fold” and serve everyone in the post-press rivers and lakes!

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