Five strokes to identify green furniture

Green furniture refers to those furniture that are based on the ecological industry and that are reasonably developed and made of natural materials to meet the specific needs of users, are beneficial to users' health, and have a high cultural heritage and scientific content. It contains several layers of meaning: First, the furniture itself is non-polluting and non-toxic; second, it must have high artistic connotation and aesthetic function, echo with the interior design, create a harmonious and beautiful home office environment; third, easy to recycle, handle, Reuse, when the furniture is no longer used for processing, it will not pollute the environment.

The smell that is commonly used by people is not the only effective method. There is also a certain misunderstanding of the smell of furniture, because furniture that is not smelly must be poisonous. Furniture without smell can not explain that it is completely pollution-free and pollution-free. The production of raw materials. Therefore, when consumers buy, it is best to buy solid wood, rattan and other pure natural furniture, wood-based panels, plywood furniture, must choose a reputable brand, and pay attention to whether all done edge sealing; fabric sofa Not only the fabric but also the filler material; if conditions permit, you should not forget to ask for a quality certificate before purchasing.

The furniture fan website summarizes the following methods that can be used when purchasing furniture. I hope that you have certain reference meaning when purchasing furniture.

A look - looking for green signs

When choosing furniture, if you prefer furniture made of materials such as artificial panels that are currently in the limelight, you should pay attention to whether the nationally-recognized “green product” mark is attached to the furniture. Furniture with this mark can be purchased and used with confidence.

Second smell - let the scent smell nowhere to hide

When choosing furniture, open the door and smell if there is a strong pungent smell inside. If you are buying branded furniture, you can ask the sales staff carefully, ask them to explain the smell reasonably, and check the quality inspection certificate. If it passes the national inspection, some smells are inevitable with paints, adhesives, etc. After opening the door for a while, you can eliminate it.

Three questions - understanding the background with half the effort

At the same time as the salesperson asks for the price, remember whether the furniture meets the relevant national environmental protection regulations and whether there is relevant certification. In addition, you can find out the situation of furniture manufacturers, furniture of well-known brands and powerful furniture manufacturers, and less pollution problems.

Four cuts - the effect of sealing the edges

In order to find out whether the edge of the furniture is tight, whether the moisture content of the material is too high. Because the strict edge sealing will seal the free formaldehyde in the plate, it will not pollute the indoor air; and the furniture with too high moisture content will not only have quality problems, but also increase the release rate of formaldehyde. In addition, if the purchased furniture has caused pollution to the indoor air, in addition to indoor ventilation, you can also purchase some "formaldehyde adsorbents" to eliminate the formaldehyde released into the air by the furniture.

Five plants - the "drug" expert in flowers

Chlorophytum can absorb 95% of carbon monoxide in air, 85% of formaldehyde; Tiannan Star can absorb 80% of benzene in air, 50% of trichloroethylene; Magnolia can absorb carbon dioxide and chlorine; Whelan can effectively absorb fluorine in air and Sulfur dioxide; and kumquat, four seasons orange and Zhusha orange are all rich in oil scorpion, which can inhibit bacteria, and can effectively prevent mildew and prevent colds.

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