Five common errors of instrumentation in experimental measurement

1. Method error

Refers to the error due to imperfect measurement methods and imprecise theoretical basis. Some classic measurement methods have been modified inappropriately to simplify the errors, that is, factors that are not reflected in the expression of the measurement results, but The errors caused by the above factors are also called theoretical errors. For example: when using a common multimeter to measure the voltage across the high-resistance resistor in the circuit, the shunt is formed because the internal resistance of the multimeter voltage block is not high, which will cause measurement errors.

2. Instrument and meter errors

Introduced by the instrument, the instrument itself and its accessories, due to the error caused by the imperfect electrical or mechanical performance of the instrument. For example, the standard resistance in the bridge and the probe line of the oscilloscope all contain errors. The errors caused by the instrument, zero offset of the instrument, inaccurate scale, and nonlinearity are all instrument errors.

3. Personal error

Errors caused by the limitations of human sensory organs and motor organs. For some measurements that need to rely on the human eye and ear to judge the results, as well as manual adjustments and other measurements, personal errors will be introduced. For example: read the wrong scale, read the wrong reading, etc.

4. Use error

Also known as operating error, it refers to the error caused by improper installation, adjustment, layout, and use during the use of the instrument. For example: the instrument that should be placed vertically according to the regulations is placed horizontally, the instrument is poorly grounded, the test leads are too long, which causes loss or does not consider impedance matching, and does not preheat, adjust, and perform measurements after calibration, etc. There will be usage errors. Bus processing machine

5. Influence error

Also called environmental error, it refers to the additional error caused by the influence of temperature, humidity, air pressure, electromagnetic field, mechanical vibration, sound, light, radioactivity, etc.

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