Evaluation: Top Ten Events in the Home Furnishing Industry in 2010

The 2010 calendar has the last few pages left. Looking back at the home industry, I found that there are quite a few events worth remembering during the year, and even the impact will continue until the next year. There is a struggle between enterprises, an alliance between the same people, a struggle against the overall economic environment, and a search for the trend of the times. In this home industry that is still in the exploratory stage, those events that will alarm the industry will surely Inscribed in the annual ring of time, stay in people's memory, or inspire people, or think deeply, or push for reflection. Here, it is the top ten events that shocked the home industry in 2010.

Event 1: Actually, Red Star Macalline publicly declared war

Actually and Red Star Macalline, the two most powerful brands in China's home furnishing industry, in 2010, torn open the veil of warmth and open war. Around the Red Star Macalline North Fifth Ring Store, the Real Home and Red Star Macalline used the strategic partners as the main weapon to block and sanction each other. The merchants who had already taken the store in the Red Star North Fifth Ring Store did not dare to act rashly. Various plans have been postponed, and Red Star Macalline’s plan to open during the “Eleventh” period has also been disrupted.

Business News: A representative brand in an industry is not necessarily a bad thing, at least to a certain extent to avoid a single situation. The comparison between the Real House and the Red Star Macalline is the brand and strength and the appeal to the home furnishing manufacturers. The merchants complained in this battle, which just confirmed the development of the home industry: the channel is king.

Event 2: Jingpai Furniture Enterprise Formation Alliance

On September 25th, 27 furniture companies from Beijing, including Qumei, Yifeng, Yuantong, Elvis Presley The Alliance aims to participate in the expansion of the home store in the country through the form of a brand association. At the beginning of the establishment of the alliance, the 16-word action policy of "brand linkage, democratic alliance, extensive cooperation, and harmonious win-win" was put forward.

Business News: Beijing furniture industry has been developing for 20 years, but it is only the beginning of the country. It is a great force to unite and form a coalition. However, it is yet to be seen whether the strength of the companies joining the alliance is very different and whether they can exert their effects in the national expansion.

Event 3: The first bus of building materials to the countryside did not take a home business

In the first ten days of October, the "building materials to the countryside" that had been noisy for half a year finally came to the first result in a long-awaited manner. The six ministries and commissions, including the Ministry of Housing and Construction and the Ministry of Finance, issued an official notice on building materials to the countryside. However, the categories listed in the first batch of building materials to go to the countryside only belonged to the category of building materials, while the home furnishing companies related to home decoration, such as flooring, wooden doors, paints, ceramics, sanitary ware, etc., did not take the first place in “Building Materials to the Countryside”. The shuttle bus has greatly disappointed many companies that have long waited for the “going to the countryside cake”.

Business News Viewpoint: Since the words “Building Materials to the Countryside” appeared in the No. 1 Document of the Central Committee at the beginning of the year, a 500 billion yuan big cake was placed in front of the home industry, but the first “cutting” was not available to many companies. . For the home business, "going to the countryside" may be an opportunity, but it is risky to stick to it on a vine.

Event 4: The first "quality inspection door" hit the brand-name furniture

The calendar of 2010 has just been opened for a few days. The AQSIQ has released a random inspection result, causing vibration in the furniture industry. The first “quality inspection door” of the famous brand of furniture such as Pearl of the Pearl and Fuzhi Island was opened. in. In this spot check, the number of unqualified products in Guangdong and Sichuan accounted for 41.2% of 114 unqualified products, which made the two major Chinese furniture industry's main producing areas suffer huge humiliation, and the brand unqualified is subject to public opinion. Phased whip.

Business newspaper point of view: brand name, just because of the name, can not allow any flaws. Brand name means high quality, high quality, high price, and once there is a problem, it will become the target of public criticism. In the previous quality inspections, the injured were all famous brands, and the miscellaneous cards were ignored. This is the price of a famous brand.

Event 5: The head of the association exchanges blood

On November 21st, the Fifth Council of the Floor Professional Committee of the China National Forest Products Industry Association elected Ye Kelin as the chairman. Two days ago, the China Furniture Association elected the new chairman Zhu Changling at the fifth member congress, and the former chairman Jia Qingwen served as honorary chairman; the previous July 4th, Beijing Building Decoration Association The fifth general meeting was held, and a new leadership team was born. Wu Guoxing was appointed as the president, and the former president Jia Zhongchi was replaced by the chief engineer. In the home furnishing industry in 2010, many associations have changed their heads. An old era is over and a new era begins.

Business News Viewpoint: The association cannot do without the support of the enterprise, and does the industry management and supervision work; it is not the “government” or the “爹娘”. If the association wants to be respected and even become an authority, the leaders must truly serve the industry, enterprises and consumers. If you put a "bad guy" on the top spot of the association and turn the "association" into a "felt club," then it would be worse.

Event 6: The first low carbon decoration quantitative indicator was released

Dare to use the numbers to describe "low carbon", the first crab-eater in the home industry has received extraordinary attention. Its name is "Yuanzhou Decoration." On July 22nd, Li Taiyan, Chairman of Yuanzhou Decoration, issued the “Carbon Reduction” Declaration: Through the use of new tools, new products and new processes, we will vigorously save water, save electricity and reduce consumption, achieving the goal of reducing carbon emissions by 28.90% in 2010. Yuanzhou Decoration first proposed a low-carbon decoration quantitative index in the home furnishing industry, leading the industry trend.

Business News Viewpoint: Low carbon, since last year's Copenhagen conference, the word was almost ruined by home furnishing companies, but what is "low carbon", but few people can make it clear. The cleverness of Yuanzhou Decoration is to turn “low carbon” into “carbon reduction”, and quantify the indicators by reducing consumption and energy saving. The slogan is a little less, the action is a little more, and low carbon is not just a concept.

Event 7: Taobao fully enters the home industry

On November 4th, Taobao CFO Zhang Yong announced in Foshan, Guangdong, that Taobao's vertical e-commerce platform, the home improvement hall, was officially launched. This means that Taobao, which used to be a small hit, has slammed the assault that has entered the home industry. By the end of this year, there are 140,000 home stores and 37 million products on Taobao. The products cover decorative hardware, home decorations and furniture products, with monthly sales of several hundred million yuan.

Business News Viewpoint: Taobao entered the home industry, it is a taste of the sweetness. In this age of the Internet, if the home business is only satisfied with the traditional model and regards the Internet as nothing, one day it will turn back and sigh: Hey, I am so backward!

Event 8: Real Estate New Deal and Home Business

In 2010, under the influence of the government's introduction of a series of mortgage down payment, purchase of new homes, etc., which inhibited excessive housing prices and excessively high prices, the cooling of the property market made the downstream home industry chill. Customers' enthusiasm for purchasing is reduced, large-scale sales are not effective, sales volume is falling sharply, and severe problems are rushing to home furnishing companies. The sales of many companies are 30%-40% lower than the previous year. It is not alarmist.

Business newspaper point of view: no goods that can't be sold, only businesses that won't sell. Also in the context of the downturn, some companies have lived very well, and it is not uncommon to grow by 50%. Everything is good in good times, it just covers up your weaknesses; in the face of adversity, it is the true skill of the enterprise.

Event 9: Ceramic flooring encounters anti-dumping

On May 27, the EU domestic industry submitted an application for anti-dumping against China Ceramics to the European Commission, and officially filed a case on June 19. The anti-dumping case involved more than 1,400 ceramic enterprises, involving more than 300 million US dollars. It is the largest anti-dumping investigation case encountered by the Chinese ceramic industry in the European Union. Five months later, the flooring industry unfortunately "in the middle of the move" - ​​the American Hardwood Flooring Merchants Association applied to the US Department of Commerce and the International Trade Commission, not only anti-dumping, but also anti-dumping against multi-layer parquet companies originating in China Subsidy investigation, this time a total of 169 flooring companies involved in the case, the estimated amount involved more than 10 billion yuan.

Business News Viewpoint: The anti-dumping investigations of the United States and the European Union may not be completely bad for the Chinese home furnishing industry. In the past, home furnishing companies that only used OEMs for foreign brands, if they wanted to be more comfortable in trading games, they must pay attention to brand and channel construction, strive to play their own brands, and walk with multiple legs.

Event 10: Opening of 300,000 square meters of home stores

On November 20th, the Bohai Sea Jimei Home Plaza, which was less than one year old, was officially opened. As the second store that Jimei officially opened in the outer gallery after the Langfang store, its “be born” is extraordinary, and the total area of ​​300,000 square meters is the first in the country. In this giant store, there are more than 1,000 merchants in the store, the store area is five or six hundred square meters, and each one is not small, is a well-known brand in various fields. This store has made many home stores that are self-proclaimed with "big" dwarfed.

Business News Viewpoint: It is easy to open a store, but to introduce brands in the store, but also are well-known brands, it is not so easy. How many brands can be filled in a very large-scale store! The collection of beauty and thin hair, no sound is already, blockbuster, 300,000 square meters of the store in the brand full of Dangdang, needless to say, dissatisfied will not work!

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