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DLP technology is one of the 3D printer forming technologies. DLP molding technology is faster than SLA molding technology. The DLP molding technology uses a digital light processor (DLP) projector to cure the liquid polymer. Of course, the fineness of DLP technology is much higher than that of FDM molding technology. At the Zhuhai 3D printing exhibition held in October in Zhuhai, Xitong exhibited a 3D printer based on DLP molding technology. Prior to this, Flashlight Technology had an Executor 3D printer, a 3D printer based on DLP molding technology. 1, West pass DLP 3D printer At the Zhuhai 3D Printing Show in October, Zhuhai Xitong debuted many independently produced 3D printing equipment, including FDM models, SLA models, and DLP models. These include the Mercury 3D printers, the West Pass SLA 3D printers, and the West Pass DLP 3D printers. These 3D printing devices have attracted countless enthusiasts to stop and watch. Later, at the Inside Shanghai 3D Printing Summit, Xitong brought a DLP 3D printer to the show, once again directing enthusiasts' attention to DLP molding technology. Let's take a look at this device. Xitong DLP 3D Printer Debuted at Zhuhai 3D Printing Show, Stylish and Beautiful Xitong DLP 3D printer has higher printing precision, which is a "nano" class 3D printer introduced by Xitong. The main market for this 3D printer is the jewelry design industry. The following are the specific specifications of Xitong DLP 3D printer: Forming size: 90×60×90mm Print surface resolution: 1080×1920 dpi Molding accuracy: XY axis: 0.007mm; Z axis: 0.0075mm Operating voltage: 300-350 watts Use current: 220v (input); 12v (output) 2, How Do Executor 3D Printer The Practicing Executor 3D printer is a DLP 3D printer launched by Spark Technology, which is positioned as a semi-industrial grade by Flashlight Technology. The 3D printer has high printing precision and can print jewelry-grade items. Practical Home Executor 3D Printer (Editor)

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