Determination of moisture content of chemical products with a card moisture meter

1. Scope of application This standard specifies the Karl Fischer method to determine the content of free water or crystalline products of most organic and inorganic solid and liquid chemical products. In some cases, the samples need to take pretreatment measures, the words are specified in the corresponding national standards. This standard specifies two titration methods for determining the end point by visual inspection and electric quantity. The measuring method is equivalent to ISO760-1978 "Determination of Water-Karl Fischer Method (General Method)". When there is no electricity method instrument, visual method can be used. It is a direct titration method, but it can only be used for colorless solutions. The electricity method includes two methods, direct titration and back titration, whichever method is more accurate, so the electricity method is recommended.

Top and Base Jewelry Box is the kind of jewelry box consists of two parts: the cap and the base box. This kind of jewelry box is classic style, customers can easily open it and show the jewelry inside completely.


Brand Name: Jinao

Place of Origin: Guangdong, China(mainland)

Surface Material: Customized

Inner Material: Velvet/ foamed plastic

Color: Customized

Size: Multi-size + Customized

Feature: Classic/ Elegant

Logo Printing: Customized

Usage: Jewelry Box/ Gift Box

Top And Base Jewelry Box

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