Cosmetic bottle packaging companies enter the adjustment period

In the past decade, the cosmetics industry has maintained a high-speed development, and cosmetic bottle packaging companies have also gained opportunities for rapid growth and development in this process. 2013 was a turning point in the cosmetics industry, and the cosmetics industry began to enter the adjustment period.

First of all, the rapid development of the cosmetics market into the bottleneck period, the end of the market's demographic dividend, making the cosmetics development space can no longer maintain high-speed sustainability. Cosmetics also began to enter the brand era from channel marketing in the past. The shaping of cosmetics brands will be given more attention. Although the market continues to grow and disappear, the cosmetics companies that pay attention to the brand will only pay more attention to the packaging of cosmetic bottles. Then, some cosmetics bottle packaging design institutions and companies with innovation and creativity will get this opportunity, and some small cosmetic bottle companies that rely mainly on simple processing and imitation will be gradually eliminated.
Secondly, the international exchange rate is constantly changing and the renminbi is on the rise. Export-oriented cosmetic bottle packaging manufacturers are facing severe challenges. The price advantage continues to erode with the continuous appreciation of the renminbi, and how cosmetic bottle companies become pressure-driven in the export market. Maintaining a competitive advantage is a big test.

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