Container cap with sealing element and its manufacturing method and manufacturing equipment

[Patent Name] Container cap having a sealing element and its manufacturing method and manufacturing apparatus [Applicant] Guido Liby [Inventor] Guido Liby [Address of the main applicant] Montreux, Switzerland [Application Number] 03821279 .X
【 Application Date 】 2003.07.03
【Accredited Announcement No.】 1735539
【 Validation announcement date 】 2006.02.15
[Main classification number] B65D41/20(2006.01)I
[Categorical Number] B65D41/20(2006.01)I B65D41/22(2006.01)I B65D41/26(2006.01)I B21D51/46(2006.01)I
[Priority] 2002.7.8 CH 20021198/02
Sovereignty Item 1. A device for sealing or tightly closing a bottle (1) or similar container, characterized in that it has at least two elements firmly fixed together, the two elements having a hollow rotation A cup-shaped rigid bottle cap (3) in the shape of a hollow cylinder or truncated cone with a closed bottom and made of metal, plastic or other material with similar properties; and an extendable plastic membrane (2) The stretchable plastic membrane always faces the open side rim of the rigid bottle cap (3), or preferably in the plane between the closed bottom of the bottle cap (3) and the opening, any In a suitable manner, it is more appropriate to stand perpendicularly to the axis of the cylinder or truncated cone. When the device is mounted on the opening of the container (1), the septum extends and tightly adheres to the edge of the opening, and moreover, the circle The barrel or truncated-cone-shaped wall has means (101) which, by means of deformation or screw fastening, cooperates with radial ridges or external threads of the open end of the container (1) and seals the device (4) Placed between the closed bottom of the cap (1) and the edge of the opening of the container (1)
[Instruction CD-ROM] D0607-1
【International Application】 2003-07-03 PCT/EP2003/050285
【International Publication】 2004-01-15 WO2004/005151 In English [Abstract] A composite bottle cap for closing and sealing bottles and similar containers and variations thereof is basically composed of two components: a rigid bottle cap (3 And an extensible plastic membrane (2) stretched inside the rigid cap (3) and integrated therewith. Different methods for making composite bottle caps and variations thereof. With a conventional sealing device, the composite bottle cap and its variants can be mounted on bottles (1) and similar containers in a single step. The bottle cap also has an axially extending portion in the shape of a glass bottle. The specific function of the glass bottle is a tamper-proof sealing function.
【 Agency 】 Zhongyuan Xinda Intellectual Property Agency Co., Ltd. [Proxy] Fan Weimin Gu Hongxia

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