Clear and unobtrusive makes you more charming

The clear eye makeup is the coffee eye shadow × black eyeliner, there is no extra layering, only natural brown for the shadow, black eyeliner frame and elongated eye shape is the cute discharge big eyes.

Eye makeup key: coffee eye shadow + grade fine surround black eyeliner

Drawing steps:

1: Coffee eye shadow is covered with eye sockets. Apply a brown eye shadow to the upper eyelids, naturally smudge upwards and stretch the ends of the eyes.

2: The lower end of the eye 4/5 depicts brown. Apply brown color along the trailing edge of the lower eye and smudge it down to form a natural gradient.

3: The root of the eyelashes is drawn inside the eyeliner. Fill the inside of the eyelashes with the eyeliner to create a dense feeling and enlarge your eyes.

4: Carefully draw the eyeliner along the edge of the eye. A fine line is drawn along the arc of the eye, and the end of the eye fades naturally along the eye shape.

5: Cut the eyeliner on the eye . Connect the inside of the upper and lower eyelids with a black eyeliner, and the eyes are rounded to make the eyes sharp.

6: Black eyeliner is applied from the eye to the end of the eye. The eyelash gap is filled with a black eyeliner, and it is more natural to smudge the eye shadow stick.

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