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No one is willing to endure ambiguity and mediocrity, but is limited to high mountains. The courage to challenge can provide infinite passion for freedom, while the new PROTREK watch series of Casio provides the speed and rationality in combat preparation for this challenge, and brings endless possibilities for your conquest.

(PRW-5100YT-1DR Sapphire Mirror / Low Temperature / Solar Energy / 6-Band Air / Temperature Barometric Height Measurement Function)

The refracting light of the sapphire mirror is a heart-breaking sensation, suggesting that the admirer is as broad and deep as the sea. The polished mirror technology, clear and translucent sapphire, perfectly illustrates the functional beauty of outdoor sports. In order to highlight the strong sense of the PROTREK series, the PRW-5100YT-1DR's bezel, strap, back cover and other parts are made of titanium material, which has a strong texture and light weight.

The PRW-5100YT-1DR is also unique in its function display on the dial. It uses a compass dial to enhance the sense of outdoor and cool.

Just as a good physical body is bound to have a strong heart, TOUGH MOVEMENT's unique shock-proof structure provides rational and sturdy support for mountaineering and other expeditions, prompting challengers to move to new and unknown areas. Not only that, once again, the core structure is reorganized with an amazing pointer auto-repair function, and the direction and timing of progress are more clear and precise.

(PRW-5100T-1DR anti-low temperature / solar energy / 6-channel wave / temperature pressure altitude measurement function)

In addition to having an accurate time in outdoor adventure sports, the power of the wristwatch equipment is also crucial. The solar drive system of the PRW-5100T-1DR is equipped with six in-wall solar wave functions. It absorbs sunlight through a built-in solar panel, and even weak fluorescent sources can be absorbed and converted into electricity. The electricity will be stored in the internal solar cell, and then it will supply the energy needed for each function of the watch. The power consumption is low and there is no need to replace the battery, so there is no need to worry about the lack of electricity. The use of this technology also fully reflects the environmental protection concept that the Casio brand has consistently adhered to.

Professional adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts who are brave enough to get involved in nature can always feel the thrill of nature in the world, and enjoy the passion and fun that outdoor adventure brings us. Casio watch series PROTREK new products as a high-end powerful outdoor watch, can help you.

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