[Board small encyclopedia] solid wood board VS solid wood ecological board

The solid wood ecological board is not a solid wood board, and there is still a big difference between the two. Although the solid wood ecological board is just more ecological, we must pay attention to the distinction. Here are the top ten brands of Chinese eco-board artisan plates for everyone to make a simple answer:

First of all, let's first understand what is a solid wood board?

Solid wood boards, as the name suggests, are made of solid wood. Solid wood panels are solid and heavy, and have always been the preferred quality among decoration materials. However, the price of solid wood panels is also very expensive. For most working-class people who have no money to eat when they buy a house, the solid wood panels are a bit too luxurious. Therefore, the sales of solid wood panels are not very good nowadays. Solid wood panels are rarely used in furniture factories or in the decoration process. The solid wood eco-board is exactly the opposite.

Let's find out what is a solid wood eco-board?

The solid wood ecological board belongs to the eco-board series, because there are many different ecological words than the solid wood board. The solid wood eco-board can not only remove the steps of painting during the decoration, but also bring you many advantages that the solid wood board does not have. For example, the solid wood ecological board can resist scratches and is not afraid of scratching. At the same time, the solid wood ecological board can also effectively resist ultraviolet rays, which can make everyone live more peace of mind. At the same time, the solid wood ecological board is also very resistant to corrosion, so the solid wood ecological board is also widely used in bathroom cabinets.

In addition to the decorative and aesthetics, the solid wood ecological board can also be directly cut and sealed with an ecological board edge strip, which is both beautiful and practical. Due to the many advantages of the solid wood ecological board, it is now widely used in various cabinets. For example, the cabinets of the TV cabinets, shoe cabinets, and overall wardrobes that the mall sees are made of solid wood ecological boards. If you want to choose the furniture to decorate, you may wish to choose the solid wood ecological board first !

China's top ten eco-brands - fine artisan plates

“Fine Artisan” is affiliated to Shanghai Huagang Wood Industry Co., Ltd. It is a medium and high-grade environmental protection plate brand based on the original ecological concept. Its business projects include: sheet metal, home hardware, flooring, environmental glue, wallpaper and other major categories. Among them, the plate products include ecological board, blockboard, special board for children's room, solid wood thick core ecological board, decorative panel, finger joint board, gypsum board, and side board. It sells well in the national market with its beautiful appearance, excellent quality and excellent environmental protection. It has won many awards such as Top Ten Brands of China's Plates, Top Ten Influential Brands of China's Building Materials Industry, China's Outstanding Green Environmental Products, Well-known Building Materials Brands, CCTV Advertising Strategic Cooperation Brands, Top Ten Brands of Network Evaluation Ecology, and Chinese National Brands.

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