Birch scarlet

English name: Acid red 66; Biebrich scarlet WS; Ponceau BS; CI 26905; Biebrich Scarlet; Sodium 6- (2-hydroxynaphthylazo) -3,4-azodibenzenesulfonate
Other names: Ponceau BS; Acid Red 66; Bibrecian Scarlet; Scarlet B; 6- (2-hydroxynaphthalene azo) -3,4-azobisbenzenesulfonic acid sodium
CAS number: 4196-99-0
C22H14N4Na2O7S2 = 556.48
Level: High purity grade
Content: ~ 60%

Melting point: 181 ~ 188 ℃
Properties: red to brown powder, soluble in water (30mg / mL) and ethanol (1mg / ml)

Uses: biochemical research.
Save: RT

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