Basell Polyolefins Introduces Transparent PP Blown Film

Basell Polyolefins introduced the random copolymer PP Clyrell RC1314 to improve the transparency of blown film products. These include: optical properties, high rigidity, low gel content and low odor; at the same time, it has good sealability for food packaging films. A single-layer film that was blow-molded was tested. The results showed that the film did not have a clear crystalline line and had high transparency. In most PP grades, no conventional milky stains were found.

The new resin has a high heat resistance, combined with the above-mentioned other properties, so that it can be processed into a flexible film having a different thickness and a laminated structure. Potential applications include: food shopping bags, hygiene packaging and pet food packaging bags.

The combination of new PP resin with barrier resin (EVOH, PA) can make the blow-molded film products more easily vacuum-sealed synthetic type, and can reduce the film curl, has better puncture resistance, available PP film layer Replaces the outer nylon membrane layer while maintaining the hardness and transparency of the original film.

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