Application of Infrared Spectroscopy in Determination of Hydroxyl Content in Quartz Glass

The most commonly used method in the production process of quartz glass is the circuit continuous melting method (referred to as the melting method). In this method, in order to protect the tungsten mesh heating body from high-temperature oxidation, hydrogen (H2) must be used as the protective gas; on the other hand, the molecular weight of hydrogen is small 1. The strong penetrating power brings the bubbles generated in the production process out of the glass body. However, the introduced hydrogen will react with the raw material silica to produce hydroxyl group (-OH). The hydroxyl group will react with the halogen circulator and tungsten wire to eventually make the lamp wall black and the tungsten wire break, so the amount of hydroxyl group will affect the halogen lamp, etc. The service life and quality of the lamp. According to GB / T 12442-1990, infrared spectroscopy can qualitatively determine the hydroxyl groups in quartz glass while quantitatively determining it, which is fast, convenient and accurate.

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