Analyze the use of pulse detonator HA-1000E

First, the method of use

1. After turning on the power switch, the display window will display “0000” when the “function switch” switch is turned to the voltage display, the voltage display will be red; when the “network resistance” file is switched, the display window will display “1”, and the resistance display will be green. , indicating that the detonator power supply is working properly.

2. When performing the detonation operation, turn on the power switch, switch the “function switch” to the voltage display, and then operate the rotary switch to the “charge” position. At this time, the detonator starts to charge. When the voltage rises to the peak voltage, the rotary switch is operated. To the "quasi-explosive" file, press the "detonation button" again. After completing the operation, turn the switch to the "discharge" position and turn off the power switch.

3. Electric detonator network total resistance measurement

Turn on the power switch, then switch the “Function Switch” to the network detection file, then connect the blast bus in the blasting network that needs to be measured to the network detection connector and read from the display window. This function is only limited to the measurement of the total resistance value of the electric detonator blasting network, and is prohibited for measuring single-generation detonators.

4. Battery charging

When the detonator is low (the light is weak when the display window is displayed and the detonator is charged to the peak voltage for a slow time), the configured professional charger should be connected to the 220V lighting power supply, and the “recharge jack” on the detonator should be connected. "Charge it." When charging, the charger lights up red and the charger lights up green after charging. Charging time is 4-5 hours. The charging time should be no more than 10 hours, and the internal battery of the detonator must be fully charged within 10 days.

Second, the matters needing attention

1. Check the battery pack before use, no less than 5V. When the load outside the detonator is less than 50Ω, the charging voltage cannot be higher than 1500V.

2. Before wiring, make a charge and discharge check to ensure the instrument is reliable. Do not shoot when the high voltage indicator has no voltage indication.

3. When the detonator is not used for a long time (7-10 days), the detonator battery should be fully charged once to prevent the battery from failing and affect normal use.

4. If the voltage indicator pin cannot reach the specified value within the specified charging time, it should be charged immediately to ensure the normal use of the instrument.

5. Please avoid dropping the instrument from high places or subject to severe vibration or shock, and do dust and moisture treatment, so that it can be used, stored and maintained by special personnel to ensure the safety, integrity and reliability of the instrument.

6. When a non-electrical detonator detonator is required to be detonated, it must be equipped with a CCH detonating tube produced by the company to be detonated. The direct detonation voltage is controlled at 1000V-1200V, and the remote detonation voltage can be controlled at 1500V-1800V. For details, please refer to the CCH detonator non-shock hair instructions.

7. Due to the high voltage and large capacity of the detonator, the human hand must not touch the blasting busbar and the output wiring card after starting work.

8. Because the internal is a large-scale patch circuit, non-professional people should not disassemble and repair, so as to avoid secondary damage.

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