Analysis of the use of high-speed centrifuge (2)

â—† High-speed centrifuge rotor: The centrifuge rotor is mainly divided into two types
Horizontal rotor: The hanging blue is in a horizontal state during operation, at right angles to the rotating shaft, and the sample concentrates the sediment at the bottom of the centrifuge tube.
Angle rotor: The centrifuge container is at a fixed angle with the rotating shaft, and the sample concentrates the sediment at the bottom of the centrifuge tube and the side wall near the bottom.
When the separated sample is concentrated at the bottom of the centrifuge tube, the horizontal rotor is selected; when the sample is concentrated at the bottom of the centrifuge tube and the side wall near the bottom, the angle rotor is selected. Special tests or special samples require special rotors that are combined with the capacity of the centrifuge. For example, a 36 × 5 ml angle rotor determines both the type of rotor and the capacity of the centrifuge, so the choice of rotor is very important.
◆ Capacity: How many sample tubes need to be centrifuged each time 7 How much capacity does each sample tube need? These factors determine the total capacity of a centrifuge. In simple terms, the total capacity of the centrifuge = the capacity of each centrifuge tube × the number of centrifuge tubes Number, total capacity and workload size are matched.
â—† Control system: High-end centrifuges all use microcomputer control systems. These control systems can not only ensure the safe operation of the centrifuge but also automatically complete the work tasks. There are also many centrifuges with better user-friendly control systems. For example: rotor identification function, safety lock function, fault prompt function, acceleration and deceleration curve and so on.
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