alert! Improper makeup removal will disfig

Make -up remover is also an important part of makeup, and the makeup remover is not correct. Even if it takes a lot of time and money to maintain it, it will not help. Take a 10-minute sit down and take a look at this article to learn about things you don't know.

alert! Improper makeup removal will disfig

alert! Improper makeup removal will disfig

First understand why we have to remove makeup. Make-up remover is the first and most crucial step in the skincare process. An effective makeup remover that dissolves or removes dirt that is not easily cleaned by facial cleanser. The root causes of skin problems such as dull skin, acne, strawberry nose, and skin sensitivity are often produced in this step. Without effective cleaning, it is a waste of expensive cosmetics.
The purpose of the makeup remover is very simple, that is, the makeup is removed without damaging the skin. "Adding anti-inflammatory anti-allergic ingredients" and "including high-grade skin care ingredients" is the selling point of the brand's sipping, and it cannot be confirmed that the product does not harm the skin. A bottle of cleansing oil with amazing makeup remover, the premise of the selection is: can not hurt the skin, can not be deducted or killed in the skin removal process after the removal process, and then spend money to find better maintenance ingredients to remedy.
There are many kinds of makeup remover products on the market, and the gimmicks promoted by the merchants are even more splendid. From the texture point of view, there is a mixture of oil, milk, cream, honey, water, water and oil. The use is divided into face-only and eye and lip. The packaging is full of dazzling, and the flowers are different. If you want to be beautiful, how much do you know about makeup removers? Is it easy to use and affordable, or is it a flashy thing? Xiao Bian has been crawling for 10 years on the road of beauty. It is a must for the loss, but it also gives me more beauty knowledge. Below, I will share the essence of 10 years of new enrichment to 10 minutes, and share it with my sisters.
We usually set three major indicators for makeup removal - eye mascara, facial foundation and lip lipstick. Mascara represents the strongest adhesion and the most resistant to water. The foundation is the most intimate makeup with the skin. Lipstick is the most prone to residual pigments. Only if it meets the above requirements is a good makeup remover.
First of all, look at the use of the makeup remover, and only use the right method to make the product work. It's not right to use a makeup remover with a quick makeup remover. You need a gentle and restful massage for some time. The degree of gentleness is not to cause redness on the face, but it is lighter than usual. Excessive force increases the chance of infiltration of harmful components such as small molecules of spices and preservatives, and is likely to cause allergies. Some people say that the makeup removal step is faster, otherwise the dirty things that have been washed out will be absorbed back by the pores. The idea is very wrong. The specific makeup removal time depends on the type of product you choose, and I will explain it later.
How to do tests that do not hurt the skin? Cleansing oil is only a few minutes away from the skin every day, so it's okay to try it once or twice. It doesn't mean that your skin can really accept him. It may take a while to see the problem. So teach you a method: use the common band-aid on the market, drop the makeup remover onto the cotton pad in the middle, and stick it on the inner side of the elbow for 24 hours. If there is no redness, itching and discomfort, then this product can be used with confidence.
Below I will start with the most common five types of makeup remover (cleansing oil, make-up remover, cleansing honey, make-up remover and eye and lip makeup remover) to uncover the truth under the commercial gimmick.
Key points of product use:
1, cleansing oil, with a gentle massage to bring out the oil 2, cleansing milk, to lengthen the massage time, in exchange for the effect of makeup remover 3, remover honey, the more oil-free, the closer the effect is to the facial cleanser 4, make-up remover, cleaning class The ingredients should not be used frequently, which will cause the skin epidermis to fall off and reduce the moisturizing ability. 5. Eye and lip special makeup remover products are not necessarily guaranteed for the eyes and lips.

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