Agarwood: The price of small carvings is also high (Figure)

Agarwood Decoration On January 20th, the Xiangfan City Collectors Association held a New Year's Tea Party at a hotel in Xiangfan. Each of the Tibetan collectors brought their own beautiful collections and displayed them in front of the exhibition stand. A pair of rare Song dynasty wood carvings, "Yunlong Peony Phoenix Decoration", is the most eye-catching.

The pair of agarwood, the overall look: a height of 41 cm, and 4,000 g weight were 3950 g; dark wood, mahogany dark crystalline mass precipitated grease to many black appearance, which ornaments such vicissitudes Love revealed. The overall shape is like an arc-shaped ivory. The technique is round carving, openwork, and hollow carving. The front of an ivory is engraved with a flying dragon with a shape of 8 characters. The dragon looks like it descends from the sky. After reaching the sea, it returns to the faucet and spits out the water column. It is like pouring rain on the earth after the long drought. The other ivory is carved with peony flowers and phoenix. The peony is a big bloom, and the peony in the peony flower looks back on the world, giving people a feeling of prosperity. At the same time, it is also a symbol of the prosperity of the dragon and the phoenix, the auspicious wealth, and the happiness. Looking down on it, a faint scent of fragrance spurs the nose, giving people a beautiful enjoyment. This pair of ornaments should be preserved by the bureaucrats. They are well preserved and finely carved. They are rare works of collection.

Agarwood has been a very valuable wood since ancient times and is also the best raw material for crafts . It is a scent of agarwood trunks that has been invaded and parasitized by fungi. The balsam formed by many years of sedimentation is a precious medicinal material that has the effect of repelling phlegm and warding off the liver and regulating the liver. It is now rare. Very early in the ancient books, there was a record of the superior quality of the products in Hainan, China. In the Song Dynasty, Hainan Shenxiang gradually became a commodity by the court tribute, and the over-exploitation trend became more and more intense. There was a saying that “one million yuan”. In the Ming and Qing dynasties, the court royal family advocated the use of this wooden into various types of cultural objects. Because the agarwood is precious and the wood is dry, it is carved with rare materials. Therefore, once there are large items made of agarwood in the auction market, there will often be surprising performance. For example, a dragon bed made of agarwood in Fujian Putian has a price tag of 500 million yuan. Not long ago, in CCTV's "Jianbao" program, the Qing Dynasty agarwood woodcarving pen holder (18 cm high) was estimated at 350,000. yuan. Agarwood is also very valuable, and some of the best agarwood is worth nearly one million yuan per kilogram.

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