A sticker with a window capable of printing on both sides of the content

A sticker with a window capable of printing on both sides, characterized in that it is a sheet-like coating formed by laminating a sheet-like sheet with another sheet back-to-back with an adhesive layer The above sheet may have a cut line which divides the sheet into unit parts. The size of the unit shape formed by the unit cut lines should be larger than the window size. The two sheets may be coated with an adhesive layer. . The utility model has the advantages of: 1. Made of a window sticker can do double-sided printing; 2. The window-mounted sticker can be easily and simply attached to the door and window glass directly after the double-sided printing content, avoiding the trouble that the paste content is often damaged; Create a plastic sheet with a window and seal it with a printed and sealed photo badge (with the window revealing the part of the card that can be reserved for employee signatures). This solves the problem of the inflexible nature of the current products and is very convenient to use. .

Safe for cooking on all surfaces: electric, gas and induction stovetops, oven, fire and grill

the original non-stick surface

Forged Aluminum Pizza Pan is best for even heating and heat retention

forged aluminum is economical and durable

Makes a great gift

Hand wash (add a little soap if you prefer)

Rub with cooking oil

Durable forged aluminum Pizza Pan

Original nonstick surface

pizza pan

Forged Aluminum Pizza Pan

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