A new trend in winter home improvement coatings

The winter fashion color is no longer as bright as the bright and strong trend of spring and summer, but it provides a suitable choice for those who love different styles. On the one hand, the paint continues to be dedicated to creating gorgeous tones, metallic colors, stripes and other patterns that allow the home's wall to be as free as the canvas. On the other hand, the color of paint returns to light, white has become the mainstream, and the color of the surface coating of furniture and home accessories has become richer under the white background.

Paint style: metal stripes create gorgeous

Many designers strongly recommend the use of paint, the most convenient and cost-effective way to create a colorful and diverse home wall, which has now become the choice of many new owners. From the new color system released by this autumn and winter paint brand, both retro and modern styles are fashionable choices, like retro metal tones, and just decorate the classic style of home, while the modern stripes are Become a color scheme recommended by the paint brand to young people.

Metallic tones are the new tones that will be popular in autumn and winter.

Metallic tones are the new colors that will be popular in autumn and winter, and gold and brass are the most respected colors. The use of metallic tones in the home will use a contrasting blend of neutral and dark metallic shades to create a neutral finish. In addition, this autumn and winter also innovatively use a special template to extract metal texture paint on the matte wall surface like a wallpaper effect, so that the wall has both the stereoscopic effect of the wallpaper, but also avoid the inherent deficiencies of the wallpaper, kill two birds with one stone.

The striped walls are modern and suitable for young people.

Even the color trend of autumn and winter does not mean to eliminate all the bright painting effects. Therefore, the bright stripes have become another color effect that this autumn and winter paints focus on, boldly using various contrast colors and similar colors. Painted on the wall to paint the effect of stripes, seemingly simple but very eye-catching. Unlike the strong spring and summer, this year's autumn and winter stripes are relatively soft, a bit like the colors of autumn nature, like apple-like green, pink and other colors combined into a variety of soft stripes effect, color changes are rich, but also bring people Come to a feeling of serenity.

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