88PCS Wonderful Kids Educational Magnetic Toys Special Magnet Super ABS

Model NO.: magnetic building blocks
Color: Red,Pink,Blue,Yellow,Green,Purple,Orange,etc
Certification: ASTM F963-96a, EN71, Cpsia BSCI
Plastic Type: ABS
Product Name: Magnetic Building Toys
Trademark: Magplayer
Transport Package: Color Box/Carton
Specification: EN71, ASTM F963, CPSIA
Origin: Zhejiang Province
HS Code: 9503008100
Product Description:
Magplayer Construction Set  is made from plastic and super magnet, the main shape is triangle and square, other shapes have pentagon,hexagon,sector,diamond,etc.The magnets are completely encapsulated in the plastic, not glued in the edge. Magnet can be rotated and easily connected, and there is no difference between N pole and S pole. Through the magnet connection, you can easily make a sphere, pyramid, cube. And then turned into a variety modeling and basic construction frame.It could help children to develop the creativity and imagination.

Product Features:
--Magplayer are super-powerful magnetic toys that take children to a world of limitles imagination and creativity.
-- Improve the children's intelligence IQ , Cultivate children's emotion and stable EQ
--Feel the magnetic force and have countless hours of fun exploring the Magplayer Construction Set connection possibilities!


Logical-mathematical intelligence

Magnetic toys of different angles allow kids to easily understand the concept of angle from games and can help strengthen their logical-mathematical intelligence. 

Visual-spatial intelligence


3D assembly can help improve the right cerebral hemisphere's visual-spatial intelligence of kids.

Interpersonal relationship capacity

kids play the magnetic toy usually together with their partners, which can promote development of children's managing interpersonal relationship capacity.


Increasing recognition skills of colors and shapes


88PCS Wonderful Kids Educational Magnetic Toys Special Magnet Super ABS

88PCS Wonderful Kids Educational Magnetic Toys Special Magnet Super ABS
88PCS Wonderful Kids Educational Magnetic Toys Special Magnet Super ABS

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