8 systems for beauty salons

 8 systems for beauty salons

1, product: in line with the beauty salon positioning

Regardless of whether your beauty salon is positioned as a maintenance product or a functional product, it is aimed at high-end customers or customers, or cross-over or in combination. In short, the big standards for product selection are the same: quality is safe and stable. The batch number of the documents should be legal, the packaging should be exquisite, the price should be comprehensive (mainly based on a certain grade, taking into account other consumption grades), the set should be complete, can meet the full range of customer needs, and the overall positioning of the beauty salon.

2, the atmosphere: attention to detail

What is the atmosphere? The atmosphere is the sum of the environment, service attitude and popularity. It is a powerful weapon for customers to have a sense of belonging to the beauty salon. Therefore, the beauty salon should create a warm, harmonious and harmonious atmosphere. It is necessary to start from the big place, such as the overall color layout of the beauty salon, temperature, etc., but also to make details, such as the ingenious decoration of the decorations, the style is suitable. Music, thoroughly clean the corners of the health, etc., so that customers feel very comfortable in your beauty salon.

3. Professionalism: Prove with honor

Beauty is not only a technology, but also a science, it is a matter of "face". How can you get the trust of customers without professionalism? The technique is to knock on the door. Skin knowledge and product knowledge are guaranteed. If your customers experience other beauty salons and feel better than your beauty salon, this customer may be lost. Therefore, the beautician's senior professional ability must be excellent, and every move must reflect the professional style. Beauticians with better foundations can take some qualifications with higher gold content, or often participate in some beauty industry competitions, improve their professional ability and enrich their experience. Awards and certificates are professional symbols and symbols of honor, and they are very convincing. If there are many professional awards and certificates in a beauty salon, it will definitely enhance the beauty of the beauty salon.

4, the quality of beautician: 6 heart 2

In addition to basic professional skills, the overall quality of the beautician is also important. "Quality" is a relatively abstract word. Where is it? That is, "6 hearts and 2 sexes": sincerity, perseverance, confidence, love, responsibility, gratitude; initiative and resilience. The beautician with this "6 hearts and 2 sex" has a good working condition and a mature mentality and affinity. Therefore, the beautician must consciously cultivate himself with this "6 heart 2 sex", to be a high-quality beautician who allows customers to "love at first sight" and die.

5, train members: priority to enjoy the service

The beauty salons have different membership systems depending on the actual situation. The more common membership system is that customers can become members and enjoy membership treatment when they reach a certain amount in one-time or limited-time consumption. For example, after the membership card is valid for a certain period of time, you can get a gift, or experience a new product and letter service, participate in various activities held by a beauty salon, and so on. The membership system is conducive to long-term customer lock-up, improve customer loyalty, and establish a good customer relationship.

6. Promotion: Catalyst for sale

To formulate promotional activities, you can use the "out-of-store activities + in-store activities" approach. The off-site activities are used to collect customers. The threshold can be designed to be relatively low. For example, "only XX yuan, you can experience XX care once", etc. More can be, the purpose of the store activities is to retain customers, the principle is to make a fuss around the customers like seasonal products or new products or services. For example, a beauty salon promotion is: buy a neck cleanser, a neck massage cream and a neck cream, and send a neck mask (activity limited time limit), which is exactly a set of neck care, which has greatly stimulated the purchase of customers. The desire of neck care. After the launch of this event, the effect was very good. The customers of the beauty salon were changed to a neck guard, and the old customers also brought new customers to purchase.

Promotion is a catalyst for sales. It is used to improve sales performance. It is not a "magic weapon" to maintain the beauty salon. If a beauty salon can't survive without promotion, then the beauty salon's operating conditions are very dangerous and need to be completely rectified.

7. Activities: held regularly

The beauty salon can hold regular events to strengthen the connection with customers, so that customers feel that your beauty salon is her other home. For example, terminal fraternity, knowledge lectures and promotional activities are completely different concepts. The former is driven by systematic activities, such as various terminal conferences; the latter refers to a specific sales promotion activity.

8. Public Relations: Shaping the Image of the Store

The term "public relations" is no stranger, but what is public, how to do public relations in beauty salons, many people have a little understanding. Public relations is public relations, a management function whose purpose is to establish and maintain mutually beneficial relationships between an organization and all the public who determine the success or failure of the organization. In fact, public relations is everywhere. For example, an old customer in your beauty salon has opened a dry cleaner. You can give a few flower baskets in the name of a beauty salon when you open the store. You will marry your customers. A gift can be given in the name of a beauty salon to express blessings. The core of public relations is to shape the theme image, and the infection affects the object and resonates.

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