3D printing model for preoperative drills

Traditional orthopaedic surgery mainly depends on the X-ray and CT images of the patient's trauma. However, due to the limitations of X-ray and CT images, doctors often need to “play” spatial imagination. Tianjin Institute of Orthopaedics and Traumatology of the First Affiliated Hospital has applied the advanced international 3D printing technology to trauma orthopedic surgery for the first time. Through a 3D printing model, it successfully performed a “private customization” for a 21-year-old female patient with multiple right fractures. Surgical treatment. It is understood that the operation was first carried out in the city's traditional Chinese medicine hospital. The patient's fall caused six fractures of the right foot and two joint dislocations, resulting in an unstable fracture. After careful investigation of the surgical plan, the doctor decided to use advanced 3D printing technology to transmit the CT scan data of the injured part of the patient's foot to the 3D printer and use the 3D technology to "print" exactly the same patient's foot injury in a 1:1 ratio. In the model, the doctor can clearly see the location of the patient's injury and injury, so that the three-dimensional structure of the patient's skeletal lesions can be more “intuitive”. In addition to the detailed surgical planning, the model can also be used to perform preoperative simulation and fixation. Previewing the entire surgical process in advance to anticipate various types of problems that may arise during complex surgery. There are few intraoperative perspectives and high precision. This improves the accuracy of surgery and significantly shortens the operation time. It also reduces the risk of surgery and reduces concurrent Symptoms appear. The patient is currently recovering well. (Editor)

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